Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement courses (AP) is a program created by the College Board allowing high school student the opportunity to take college credit during a student’s high school years. Several AP classes are offered at East High School allowing students to explore college courses.  The AP program is generally for upper class-men however, one class is available for sophomores. Each AP course does have an AP exam fee associated with the class allowing a money saving opportunity on college credit.

Advanced Placement Courses offered by East High School

English Lit.                                            American History

English Lang.                                       World History

Calculus AB                                            European History

Calculus BC                                            Government: US & Comp

Chemistry                                               French Language

Biology                                                    Spanish Language

Physics                                                    Spanish Lit.

Psychology                                             Statistics

Human Geography                              Studio Art

Computer Science                                Micro & Macro Economics

Music Theory                                        Environmental Science

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