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GIRLS Golf - STATE TOURNAMENT Monday, May 22nd & Tuesday, May 23rd @ Rolling Hills CC

State Qualifiers: Julia Baroth(12), Sarah Hunt(12), Elena Barboza(12), Olivia Roper(10)


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  • No Early Releases/No transportation



Celebrations Week of May 15th

Girls Lacrosse

  • Var BEAT ThunderRidge(10-5)-Quarter-Final Game

o    Lost a tough one to Cherry Creek in the Semi-Finals. Congrats on a successful season!
Rugby-State Championship Game

  • Lost a tough one to Monarch in overtime. Congrats on a successful season!
  • East Rugby flyhalf and captain Sam Adix(12) was selected as the Division I Player of the year-the top high school rugby player in the state of Colorado.


  • Quinn Poppert – 8th Place Finish in STATE

o    Johan Dellgren(10) -200 Individual Medley, 100 Back

o    John Lynch – 100 Fly, 100 Back

o    200 Medley Relay – Johan Dellgren(10), Jan Mitka(11), John Lynch(12), Abtin Molavi(12)

o    200 Free Relay – JP Aro(11), Abtin Molavi(12), Ryer Lauth(10), Ethan Beaty(10)

o    400 Free Relay – John Lynch(12), Abtin Molavi(12), Johan Dellgren(10), JP Aro(11)
G/B Track/Field-STATE RESULTS – Girls Placed 5th as a Team/Boys Placed 5th as a TEAM

  • Girls 100m Dash - Arria Minor(10)-1st Place-STATE CHAMP, Syanne Algee(DSST:Stap/11) 10th Place
  • Girls 200m Dash - Arria Minor(10)-1st Place-STATE CHAMP
  • Girls 400m Dash – Arria Minor(10)-1st Place-STATE CHAMP
  • Girls 4x100m Relay-2nd Place (Arria ran down 3 runners and almost got the 4th one to win it!)

o    Jordan Williams(DSST:Stap/9), Syanne Algee(DSST:Stap/), Arria Minor(10), Isabella Horton(DSST:Stap/11)

  • Girls 800m Sprint Medley-15th Place

o    Anna Clayton(12), Jordan Williams(DSST:Stap/9), Isabella Horton(DSST:Stap/11), Syanne Algee(DSST:Stap/11)

  • Girls 4x800m Relay-15th Place

o    Samantha Skeen(11), Laurel Kruger(10), Anna Lucy Buddenhagen(9), Serene Mather(9)

  • Girls 4x200m Relay-15th Place

o    Jordan Williams(DSST:Stap/9), Syanne Algee(DSST:Stap/11), Shakym Perry-Maizon(12), Nina Kemp(10)

  • Girls 4×400 Meter Relay-18th Place

o    Isabella Horton(DSST:Stap/12), Nina Kemp(10), Shakym Perry-Maizon(12), Helen Maley(10)

  • Boys 110 Hurdles - Joseph Abiakam(12)-2nd Place
  • Boys 4×100 meter relay-3rd Place

o    Jack Moran(12), Keirryse Simpson(DSST:Stap/9), Charles Young(11), Joseph Abiakam(12)

  • Boys 800m Run-Hayelom Fitsum(DSST:Stap/12)-6th Place
  • Boys 1600m Run-Hayelom Fitsum(DSST:Stap/12)-18th Place
  • Boys 400m Dash - Jack Moran(12)-4th Place
  • Boys 300m Hurdles - Joseph Abiakam(12)-6th Place
  • Boys 200m Dash – Jack Moran(12)-9th Place
  • Boys 4×400 meter relay-4th Place

o    Jack Moran(12), Charles Young(11), Mysun Hall(12), Carson Ebersbach(9)

192+ Academic All State & Honorable Mention (varsity)

91+ Fall (40 seniors/51 juniors)

36+ Winter (15 seniors/21 juniors)

95+ Spring (40 seniors/55 juniors)

11 City Championships-B.Golf, Gymnastics, B.Soccer, B.Tennis, Volleyball, G.Basketball, G.Swimming, G.Golf, G.Soccer, G.Tennis, G.Track

  • Note: Field Hockey, Football, Ice Hockey, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse no city title up for grabs

22 CHSAA Teams Qualified for the Post Season + 2 Non-CHSAA (Rugby & Ultimate)

  • X-Country, Field Hockey, B.Golf, Gymnastics, B.Soccer, Softball, B.Tennis, Volleyball, G.Basketball, B.Basketball, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, G.Swimming, Baseball, G.Golf, B.Lacrosse, G.Lacrosse, B.Swim/Dive, G.Soccer, G.Tennis, G/B Track

3 Regional Champion(2 Team/1 Individual)

  • B.Tennis(Team), X-Country-Harrison Scudamore(11)(Individual), G.Tennis(Team)

16 Teams/45+ Individuals Qualified for State Competition

  • TEAMS: Field Hockey, B.Soccer, B.Tennis (entire team), G.Basketball, B.Basketball, G.Swim/Dive, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, G.Golf, B.Lacrosse, G.Lacrosse, G.Soccer, B.Swim/Dive, G.Tennis (entire team), G.Track, B.Track

o    X-Country- Nell Salzman(11), Samantha Skeen(11), Harrison Scudamore(11)

o    B.GolfJoseph Madden(11), Kailer Rundiks-Clements(11)

o    GymnasticsDelaney Fields(12), Kylee Zinnen(9)

o    Wrestling – Polo Garcia(12), Chucky Montoya(11)

o    G.GolfJulia Baroth(12), Sarah Hunt(12), Elena Barboza(12), Olivia Roper(10)

o    G.Track – Shakym Perry-Mason(12), Syanne Algee(DSST:Stap/11), Anna Clayton(11), Isabella Horton(DSST:Stap/11), Samantha Skeen(11), Nina Kemp(10), Nyima Fey(10), Laurel Kruger(11), Anna Lucy Buddenhagen(9), Serene Mather(9), Lindsey Weyant(9), Emily Turner(10), Arria Minor(10), Jordan Williams(DSST:Stap/9),

o    B.Track – Joseph Abiakam(12), Jack Moran(12), Charles Young(11), Myson Hall(12), Cornelius Foxworth(11), Hayelom Fitsum(DSST:Stap/12), Carson Ebersbach(9), Jacahri Lawson(DSST:Stap/9), Will Barnacchi-Sass(10), Keirryse Simpson(DSST:Stap/9)

o    B.Swim – Quinn Poppert(Dive)(12), Johan Dellgren(10), John Lynch(12), Jan Mitka(11), Abtin Molavi(DSST:Stap/12), Clay Hostetter(10), Ryer Lauth(10), JP Aro(11)
5 Quarter Finalist (4 Individuals)

  • Boys Tennis -

o   TJ Braxton(12)/Eric Dellavalle(12)- #1 Doubles – Finished 5thin State

o   Will Franks(9)/Jack LaBarge(11)- #4 Doubles – Finished 5thin State
5 State Semi-Finalists (3 Teams/2 Individuals)

  • TEAMS: Field Hockey, B.Soccer, G.Lacrosse

o    Kai Smith(12) – #1 Singles – Finished 3rd in State

o    Emma Eckenhausen(10) – #2 Singles- Finished 4th in State
4 State Titles

  • Arria Minor(10)- 100m Dash, 200m Dash, 400m Dash – 3X STATE CHAMP
  • Kelly Wulf(11)/Maddie Darre(10) – #2 Doubles – STATE CHAMPS

Voted All League/All Conference

83 student-athletes voted – 1st Team All League/Conference

  • X-Country – Harrison Scudamore(11), Rafael Marmole-Daher(12), Samantha Skeen(11)
  • Football – Alex Flowers (QB)(11), Tre Myric (DB)(12), Sam Adix (K)(12), Jack Moran (AP)(12)
  • B. Golf – Kailer Rundiks(11), Joseph Madden(11)
  • Gymnastics – Delaney Fields(12) – 1st Team in ALL events (Bar, Beam, Vault, Floor)
  • B. Soccer – Sam Carson(11), Max Gottesfeld(12), Roberto Vasquez(12)
  • B. Tennis

o   1 Singles – Kai Smith(12)

o   2 Singles – Charles Franks(11)

o   3 Singles – Bryce Viorst(12)

o   1 Doubles – Tyrone Braxton Jr(12)/Eric Dellavalle(12)

o   2 Doubles – David Glazer(12)/Patrick Berzins(11)

o   3 Doubles – Jonathan Obregon(11)/Daniel Sanderson(12)

o   4 Doubles – Jackson LaBarge(11)/William Franks(9)

  • Volleyball – Chase Jackson(12), Amirah Bentley(12), Maya Patterson(12), Asiya Way(12)
  • B.Basketball – Daylen Kountz(11)
  • G.Basketball – R’Manie Pulling(11)
  • G.Swimming – Cate Roberts(11), Sofie Appel(DSST:Stap/12), Izzy Toppen(12), Nina Crouch(DSA/12), Lily Shields(9), Abigail Seman(10)
  • Wrestling – Chucky Montoya(120)(11), Polo Garcia(126)(CLA/12), Dominic Resendez(138)(Aurora CEC/12), John Marsh(160)(12)
  • Baseball – Moses Dokes(9), Patrick Kauffmann(12)
  • G.Golf – Olivia Roper(10), Sophie Pruter(10), Elise Fortino(10)
  • G.Soccer – Andrea Daves(12), Molly Cunningham(12)
  • B.Swim/Dive – Johan Dellgren(10), Quinn Poppert(Dive)(12)
  • G.Tennis

o    2 Singles – Emma Eckenhausen(10)

o    3 Singles – Adriana Strode(11)

o    1 Doubles – Jenesse Johnson(11)/Kelly Wulf(11)

o    2 Doubles – Ellie Wells(10)/Tess Tobias(11)

o    3 Doubles – Ta’Nisha Gosha(11)/Haley Obermeier(11)

o    4 Doubles – Sienna Dilworth(DSST:Stap/9)/Katherine Stary(9)

  • Track

o    Girls 100m Dash-Arria Minor(10)

o    Girls 800m Relay-Shakym Perry-Maizon(12), Nina Kemp(10), Jordan Williams(DSST:Stap/9), Syanne Algee(DSST:Stap/11),

o    Girls 800m Run-Samantha Skeen(11)

o    Girls 200m Dash-Arria Minor(10)

o    Girls 1600m RelayNina Kemp(10), Shakym Perry-Maizon(12), Helen Maley(10), Erin Lasiter(9)

o    Girls 400m Relay-Jordan Williams(Dsst:Stap/9), Syanne Algee(DSST:Stap/11), Arria Minor(10), Isabella Horton(DSST:Stap/11)

o    Boys 110m Hurdles-Joseph Abiakam(12)

o    Boys 100m Dash-Jack Moran(12)

o    Boys 800m Relay-Mysun Hall(12), Keirryse Simpson(DSST:Stap/9), Jacahri Lawson(Dsst:Stap/9), Cornelius Foxworth(11)

o    Boys 1600m-Hayelom Hitsum(DSST:Stap/12)

o    Boys 400m Dash-Jack Moran(12)

o    Boys 300m Hurdles-Joseph Abiakam(12)

o    High Jump-Will Bernacchi-Sass(10)
23 student-athlete voted – 2nd Team All League/Conference

  • Field Hockey – Kate Burney(12)
  • Football – Rafael Rocha (OL), Jare Sparrow-Bryant (RB/FB), Tre Myrik (WR), Jack Moran (QB), DeShaun Harlan (DT), Josiah Peters (DE), Tanai Gill (LB), Josef Barber (DB)
  • Softball – Caitlin Quinn(12), Amanda Kerr(12), Izzabella Gonzales(11), Skylar Montoya(10)
  • B.Soccer – Luke Neuriter(11), Eli Miller(11), Ryan Riforgiate(12), Marko Babiak(10), Niko Cappella(11)
  • Volleyball – Quiro Bentley(10), Alexis Blair(10)
  • B.Basketball – Jamison Washington(12)
  • G.Basketball – Dezmonea Antwine(10)
  • Baseball – Bryce Libra(12), John Emerson(12)                    
  • G.Soccer – Natalie Crase(12)
  • G.Tennis

o    1 Singles – Emma Morrissey(10)
21 student-athletes voted – Honorable Mention All League/Conference

  • Field Hockey – Claire Gilmore(12), Lily Herrmann(12), Thyra Herrmann(12), Maddie Wells(12)
  • Softball – Leah Kleiner(10), Kacey Tanner(9), Cassie Williamson(11)
  • B.Soccer – Bennett Jonas(11)
  • Volleyball – Sarah Williammee(11), Macy Cummings(11), Journee Calhoun(11)
  • B.Basketball – Alex May(12), Joseph Abiakam(12), Scotty Weise(12)
  • G.Basketball – Niat Geberkidane(12), Nalaya Wall(12)
  • Baseball- Ashton Knepell(11), James Squillante(12)
  • G.Soccer – Gabby Costain(12), Ella Howard(11), Molly Brodgan(12)

Voted to theVolleyball All State Teamby the Coaches Association – Amirah Bentley(12) & Asiya Way(12)

Coach of the Year – Katie Morris – Field Hockey
Cheer & Poms

  • POMS – 1st Place in Hip Hop division @ League Competition
  • Varsity Cheer – 2nd Place in All-Girl @ League Competition





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