Activities Director: Tee MacDonald

East High School strongly encourages all students to get involved with activities. If you are interested in a listed activity please stop in Room 100 and speak with Tee MacDonald about details. If you would like to learn more about starting an activity, stop in to Room 100.

Phone: 720-423-8344

Club Name Meeting Time Location
Aerospace club Mon/Tues after school 108
Alpine Club Thursdays @ lunch or after school 404
Angel Packs Thursdays @ Lunch Commons
Angelbotics W, Fri, Sat 3-5 Engineering Center
Angels Aide Tuesdays @ Lunch 329
Angels for AP Excellence Wednesdays @ Lunch 324
Anime Club Thursdays @ Tutorial 009a
Asian Club Wednesdays @ Lunch 227
Astronomy Club Fri or Weds After School 108
Book Club Fridays at Lunch 203/Tattered Cover
Bridging generations Tuesdays @ Lunch Choir Room
BSA Tuesdays @ Lunch 211
Cleaning Club (ACE) Tuesdays @ Lunch 100
Colorado Young Leaders Club Tuesdays @ Lunch Ceramics Room
Comics Club Friday after school 214
Cultures Connect Club Wednesdays @ Lunch 327
DHH Club Thursdays 1:30 212
East Eats Monday @ Lunch Butler 3
EA Live NA 210
East High Pep Band Thursday @ Tutorial 340
East Step Team Mon/Thurs 3-4 401
East Theatre Company Thursdays @ Tutorial 159/169
East Theatre Company Improv team Mon/Fri @ Lunch 169
Espresso yourself Tuesdays after School 215
French Honor Society Tuesdays @ Lunch 309
Gamers Industry Sporadic NA
Girls Art Guild Wednesdays @ Lunch 234
Guardian Angels Thurs or Fri @ Lunch NA
Hackey Sack Club Sporadic TBA
Jewish Student United Thursdays @ Lunch 321
Key Club Tuesday @ Lunch TBA
Knitting Club Friday @ Lunch 309
KPop Wednesdays @ Lunch TBA
Latino Student United Wednesday @ Lunch 329
Math Club Friday @ Lunch 120
Med Club

Every other Thursdays


Model United Nations 2nd & 4th Thursday @ Lunch 305
National Arts Honors society/Design Studio Thursday @ Tutorial 123/Loftus
National Honors Society Sporadic 163
Native American Club 1st and 3rd Thursdays @ Lunch 221/402
Open Mic Club Fridays at Lunch 160
Outdoor Volleyball Club Sporadic City Park
Ping Pong/ Table Tennis Club Monday @ Lunch 209
Shimmy Club Every other Thursday @ Lunch Dance Studio
Social Justice Leadership Wednesday @ Lunch 113
Spanish Honors Society Tuesdays @ Lunch 313a
Table Top Club Wednesdays after school 215
Testify Tuesdays @ Lunch 009a
Type 1 Diabetes Club Fridays @ Lunch 227
The Spikeball Club Thursdays TBA
Water Polo Thursdays 6-7:30 Manual Pool
Yoga Club Thursdays @ Tutorial TBA
Young Dems Sporadic TBA