Parent FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about East High

What is the best way to contact teachers and administrators?

Teachers and administrators respond best to emails. Click here to view the Staff Directory. You can also email teachers through the Parent Portal.

What is Parent Portal?

Parent Portal is a link on the East Web Site that shows your student’s class schedule, teachers’ posting of homework and grades, student attendance, and much more.

For more information,visit

What is the best way to keep informed?

At registration, sign up for the Denver Public Schools Messenger which sends out weekly announcements pertaining to important school issues either by voice mail, email or both. Also by signing up for the PTSA email listing at, you will receive information about important school related events, volunteer opportunities and much more. Lastly, visit the Student Council web site at

What about Student Identification Cards?

East High School issues every student an I.D. card at the beginning of the school year. The student
must have the I.D. in their possession at all times that they are on our school campus. If a student loses
their I.D., one free replacement will be provided by the Dean’s Office.

I have heard that East High has a diverse student body. How diverse is the school?

Students at East come from a large variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Ethnically the East High student body is comprised of:
American Indian 1%
Asian 2%
African American 34%
Hispanic 18%
Caucasian 45%

In 2008, a new student organization entitled No Place for Hate was established with the help of the AntiDefamation League (ADL), with the goal of fostering a culture of collaboration and cooperation. Students
are encouraged to participate in training and leadership programs. In recognition for the large number of
programs conducted at the school and in the community, the ADL awarded a banner to East designating
it as an official No Place for Hate school.

Does East High have a PTA organization?

Yes, there is the East High PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association). It is one of the largest and most active organizations of its type in Colorado. It serves an important role in the school’s mission, working hand in hand with school leadership to improve our students’ educational experience and enhance the sense of community at East. Frequent PTSA communications keep you informed on school issues and monthly meetings focus on issues pertinent to you and your student. Please refer to the PTSA web page (under Community) for information on meetings, committees, contacts and more. PTSA meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, 7-8 p.m. in the Commons. Typical meetings generally include topic of interest to parents such as “Understanding the Teen Brain” and Infinite Campus Training as well as reports from PTSA committees, and East High Principal Andy Mendelsberg.

Does East High School have a phone book?

The PTSA produces a school directory with student, parent, faculty and administration contact
information. It includes a parent pledge that states, “As East High School Parents, we support the
school’s efforts to provide a drug, alcohol and tobacco free environment on campus and at schoolsponsored activities…” The directory can be purchased at PTSA meetings, the Spirit Store and in the
Student Assistance Office, Room 130.

When and where can I register my student at East?

For new students matriculating from eighth-grade, registration for the following school year typically occurs during mid-March in the East High School Foyer. For continuing students, registration is generally occurs in early August approximately two weeks before the beginning of the school year. For more information call (720) 423-8330.

How is the academic year structured?

Each academic year is divided into two semesters or terms, each consisting of three 6-week grading periods. The grading periods help you and your child monitor progress in each class. Your student’s high school transcript only shows the final grades for each term. Colleges do not have access to the results of each individual 6-week grading period.

Is an academic advisor (Counselor) assigned to my student?

Yes, each student is assigned a counselor and will help students in curriculum and course selection. It is most beneficial to encourage your child to take the lead in getting to know his or her Counselor early in the first semester, freshman year. That same counselor will assist your child throughout their tenure at East. They are most helpful in guiding students through the college application process during the junior and senior years. If you don’t know your student’s counselor, call the Counseling Center at (720) 423-8359.

Does East High use a Bell Schedule and how are class periods structured?

East High uses a bell system to signal students when it is time to change classes. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays there are eight fifty-minute class periods with a forty-five-lunch period. First period begins at 7:30 a.m. and eighth period ends at 2:45 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays are “block schedule” days with periods of one-hour and forty-minutes each. Periods one, three, six and eight are held on Wednesday and periods two, four and seven are held on Thursday. The block schedule is designed to allot more time for intensive class activities such as science laboratory experiments or field trips. Please check the website for the annual school schedule as some variation may occur from year to year.

When can my student meet with teachers?

Students and parents are encouraged to contact teachers and set up appointments to meet any time as needed. Additionally, Thursday Tutorial at 1:30pm – 2:00pm is set aside as a time when students can meet with their teachers. Lastly, Monday through Thursday during Period 9, called the 9th Period Study Table, East teachers will be available in the library to help students with their homework.

Does East have a school newspaper?

Yes, the East High school paper is called the Spotlight and is published nine times during the school year. To order a subscription to the Spotlight complete the subscription form included in your student’s registration packet and deliver or mail the form to East High School, Room 210A. You may also subscribe via email at

What types of student activities are available at East?

There are numerous opportunities for your student to participate in sports, clubs and activities at East. In fact, over sixty percent of the students participate in one or more extra curricular activities. Encourage your student to find something of interest and get involved. Sports include many boys and girls State Championship teams. Other activities include drama, choir, constitutional law, robotics club, Speech and Debate Club, and many, many more. If your child pays to play a traditional sport, they can get into school sports games for free by getting a sticker on their East ID from the treasurer. All other students must pay for admissions at the sports events.

East also holds a number of school dances throughout the year including Homecoming (October), Morp (“Prom” spelled backwards, girls do the inviting, a.k.a. Winter Dance in February), and the Senior Prom (May). All the dances are well attended. Tickets need to be purchased in advance. An authorization form needs to be completed in advance if your student brings a date or friend from another school. Parents assist the faculty and administration in chaperoning all the dances. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please contact the PTSA safety committee to volunteer.There are also many thematic “dress-up” days throughout the school year. Usually during “Spirit Week”. There’s a pajama day, Tacky Tuesday, Toga Thursday, and whatever else they think up. Students generally wear a lot of red & white (East High’s school colors), especially on Fridays and at pep rallies. For more information contact Tee MacDonald, Student Activities Director and Student Council Sponsor, at (720) 423-8344, email her at, or stop by her office in Room 100.

Is there any student aid available?

Money is available for anything from calculators to sports banquets, RTD passes, and AP fees through many of the non-profit organizations that support the East High community. The Student Assistance Office is located in Room 130. Kids get the sports sticker, RTD passes, etc. at the Treasurer’s Office on the 2nd Floor south of the main office.

Where can my student buy books required for the literature classes?

Books required by East’s English classes may be purchased from PTSA book sale in August and January at discounted prices.

What can my student do for lunch at school?

East High maintains an Open Campus policy for the lunch period, even for freshman. There is limited food service in the school cafeteria as well as soda and snack machines throughout the school. The East neighborhood is home to many reasonably priced restaurants, fast food and otherwise. Students are always welcome to bring sack lunches too. Many eat in the halls by their lockers.

East High “Meeting Places”

Meeting at the “E” means the front of the building, “Detroit” is the back of the school the “gym” is the north side of the building, and the Esplanade is the parkway immediately west of the school that runs north-south from Colfax Avenue to Seventeenth Street. The “commons” is the lunchroom.

Does East High have a school store where we can purchase clothing with the East logo?

Yes, it is located on the second floor, south of the Main Office. Hours of operation vary. Clothing is also sold at many PTSA meetings as well as at other school functions. Sports booster club clothing may be purchased from the East High web site under the “Athletics” menu tab.

What do I do if my child is going to be absent?

You must notify the Attendance Office via phone at (720) 423-8343, email at or with a written note delivered to the Attendance Office, Room 131, within two days of the absence. Provide your student’s name, their student ID number, the reason for the absence, dates of the absence, your name and a phone number where you can be reached during the day.

How do I excuse my child early?

You must notify the Attendance Office via phone at (720) 423-8343, email at or with a written note. Provide your student’s name, their student ID number, the reason for leaving early, date, your name and a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Your child must then check in at the Attendance Office in Room 131 that day to obtain permission to leave the building.

What if my child skips a class?

You will be notified of the class absence by the automated attendance system, either by phone, email or both. You can also check attendance on Infinite Campus. Please, contact the Dean’s Office so that we may respond with appropriate support and/or disciplinary action, if your student has skipped a class and is not excused.

How do I get homework for my child when they have been absent?

If your child is absent for more than three days, you can contact the Counseling Center at (720) 423-
8341. For absences less than three days, contact the teacher.

When will my child get their locker?

Lockers are usually assigned the first or second week of school. Be sure to tell your child to spin the
lock after they close their locker so that someone else cannot open it. Also, it’s not a good idea to keep
valuable items in lockers.