Whole Child

East High School Community,


The safety and security of our students and staff members are always our number one priority and interest. 


The recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida has hit our hearts and our minds in impactful ways.  While saddened and caring so much for the losses experienced in this event, it has also emphasized the importance of our actions to provide a learning community that is supportive and responsive to the emotional and physical safety needs of all members of our school community.


Certainly, our students may be feeling fear, confusion, and anxiety in response to this recent tragedy.  Know that our counselors, psychologists and social workers are available to support any student who is feeling.   Please, call our counseling office at 720-423-8308 to access this type of support.  In addition, I would suggest reviewing the information available at the following link from the National Association of School Psychologists for valuable information related to speaking to young people about violence:   TalkingAboutViolence.


It is also important for you to know about the safety and security actions, protocols and resources that are a part of our systems at East High School and in the Denver Public Schools.  On an annual basis, East High School trains staff and revises and confirms partnership actions related to our Emergency Operations Plan.  This plan identifies the roles and responsibilities of  our Emergency Response Team members, including our DPS Safety and Denver Police Department partners.  Safety drills are practiced in alignment with this plan and all drills include debriefs and actions steps to identify ongoing improvement opportunities. In addition, we have a monthly Campus Safety Team meeting at which we discuss any current, specific interests and issues and to plan forward for a safe experience for our students.


Our site Emergency Response Team currently includes two DPD Campus Resource Officers, both serving full-time at East, four DPS Campus Safety Officers (five in 2018-19), four deans and eight administrative team members.   This team keeps a constant view on the current status of safety interests at the school through their ongoing presence and through a constant review of our security cameras. Along with six members of our student services team and ten counselors, this team provides for an immediate investigation into concerns represented by students or community, for example, through Safe2Tell reports.  In addition to the team members mentioned here, we work closely with the central DPS Safety and DPD District 2 resources to prepare for and be immediately responsive to identified concerns. All members of this team are involved in monthly evacuation drills and lock-down drills facilitated by our school personnel and DPS Safety and Security at least one time each semester.


Our daily and ongoing security process includes a high level of visibility by our team members, security check-ins for visitors, and a high level of response to any questions and concerns that are represented by our students, staff and community.  Currently, we are working with partners to review and revise access for visitors in order to create a more secure entry space in our uniquely designed foyer.  While we have security presence in this space 100% of the school day, we know that there is a sense of easy access into the foyer.  We have recently made a change to limit the number of front doors that are open during school hours and we will soon be adjusting our practice for typical visitor access into the building in the next several days and weeks.  Visitors will be guided directly to the security desk and required to check in with our Campus Safety Officers for any level of admittance into our school.

The supports provided by the Denver Public Schools to help ensure a strong safety program are also important to understand.  The document found at this link, Information about Safety in Denver Public Schools, includes details about the work of our Department of Safety and our Emergency Information Guide for Parents. It includes links to parent materials in multiple languages and addresses a concern we are hearing via email and social media: Why doesn’t DPS use metal detectors?


Thank you somuch for your support in ensuring that East High School is a safe place for our students and parents.  I encourage you and your students to contact me or any one of our East Safety Team members with any question or concern related to the safety of our school. 



John Youngquist



Estimada comunidad de la Escuela Preparatoria East:


La seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y del personal escolar es nuestra principal prioridad.


Los sucesos recientes de la Escuela Preparatoria Marjory Stoneman Douglas en Florida han afectado a nuestra comunidad escolar. Nuestros corazones y pensamientos están con las víctimas y sus familias. Este evento trágico también ha realzado la importancia de brindar una comunidad de aprendizaje que apoye y responda a las necesidades de seguridad física de nuestros estudiantes.


Es posible que algunos estudiantes estén temerosos, confundidos y ansiosos como resultado de la reciente tragedia. Nuestros orientadores, psicólogos y trabajadores sociales están a disposición de los estudiantes para brindarles apoyo. Llamen a nuestra oficina de orientación al 730-423-8308 para recibir apoyo. Adicionalmente, sugerimos a las familias que revisen la información compartida por la Asociación Nacional de Psicólogos Escolares “Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers”.


Los protocolos y recursos de seguridad son una parte importante de nuestros sistemas en la Escuela Preparatoria East y en las Escuelas Públicas de Denver. Cada año, la Escuela Preparatoria East capacita a su personal y actualiza nuestro Plan de Operaciones de Emergencia. Este plan identifica las funciones y responsabilidades de los miembros de nuestro equipo de respuesta ante emergencias, incluyendo a nuestros aliados del Departamento de Seguridad de DPS y del Departamento de Policía de Denver. Realizamos simulacros de seguridad alineados con este plan. Todos los simulacros incluyen los comentarios y pasos necesarios para identificar las oportunidades de mejora continua. Además, cada mes mantenemos una reunión con el equipo de seguridad del campus en la que planificamos a futuro para garantizar la seguridad de la comunidad de East.


Nuestro equipo de respuesta ante emergencias incluye a dos agentes del Departamento de Policía de Denver como recurso de seguridad en el campus, cuatro oficiales de seguridad de DPS en el campus (cinco en 2018-19), cuatro decanos y ocho integrantes del equipo administrativo. Este equipo supervisa el campus a pie y a través de cámaras de seguridad. Con la ayuda de nuestro equipo de servicios estudiantiles y los orientadores, el equipo de respuesta ante emergencias investiga inmediatamente cualquier inquietud que surja en relación con la seguridad. Adicionalmente, East también trabaja estrechamente con los funcionarios de seguridad de DPS y del Departamento de Policía de Denver para prepararse y responder a los problemas. Una vez cada semestre, todos los miembros de este equipo participan en un simulacro de evacuación y en un simulacro de cierre por seguridad con interrupción de las actividades escolares, facilitados por nuestro personal escolar y por funcionarios de seguridad de DPS.