Community Town Hall Online Meeting: Sexual Consent & Healthy Relationships

Wednesday, January 13th at 6:00-7:30 PM 


  • What is unlawful sexual contact? 
  • Who are mandatory reporters at East?
  • How are incidents investigated? 

Join us as we discuss these questions along with the laws and issues surrounding sexual consent and healthy relationship boundaries. An expert panel with representatives from The Denver District Attorney’s Office, Project Pave, DPS Administration as well as East educators will provide information critical to ensuring the education,safety and wellbeing of all students surrounding healthy relationships and sexual assault prevention.  


 Questions can be submitted anonymously during the event by sending a text message to 719-749-1845

Expert Panel List and Bios:

Maggie Conboy, Senior Chief Deputy District AttorneyDenver District Attorney Office

Maggie Conboy graduated from law school in 1992 and has spent a significant part of her career working with victims of crime. She joined the Denver District Attorney’s Office in 2003, and is currently part of DA Beth McCann’s administration and a Senior Chief Deputy District Attorney overseeing the special victim initiatives in the office.  

Lindsey Vesceri – East High School Counselor

Lindsey is one of our School Counselors at East High School.  She has worked at East for the past 8 years and has taught and counseled in DPS for 20 years.  Lindsey is the team lead for her department of nine counselors and the work of the counseling department focuses on supporting students with a variety of academic needs, social & emotional counseling, and college planning and career readiness exploration.

Anita Curtiss – East High School Psychologist

Anita is one of the full time school psychologists at East High School. She has worked at East for the past six years and focuses on providing social/emotional support to students experiencing acute trauma, provision of trauma informed care through referrals or interagency communication regarding mental health and impacts within the school setting, and she is also an educational advocate for students with disabilities.

Derek McCoy – Project Pave’s Prevention Director

PAVE takes a positive youth development (PYD) approach to engaging youth in strength based social-emotional education, rooted in activities and dialogue, rather than lecture based presentations. Within this work, the goal is to support health outcomes through critical reflection, values development, social-emotional skills work, to provide input and resources around accountability and support processes when harm is caused, as well as policy work to help root East in a culture of social-emotional health practices. Ongoing input and leadership from youth and those working with them at East HS is essential to this approach, along with extending this dialogue into personal lives with parents/guardians and within networks.   

Erin Garardi – Denver Health

Erin has worked in the field of reproductive/sexual health for over 10 years. She received her Master’s in Public Health at Hunter College in New York City with a concentration in Community Health Education. Since 2013 Erin has been working for Denver Health, as a health educator, on their school-based health center team.  Health Educators meet one-on-one with students that use clinic services and educate and counsel on sexual health topics including and emphasizing skills on building healthy relationships, partner communication and consent.

Lauren Nichols – East High Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Lauren is East’s School Health Professional. Lauren has provided prevention and intervention services specific to drug and alcohol and social/emotional support to East for the past three years. Lauren has spent five years in DPS and seven years in the drug and alcohol field.

Kristin Bailey – DPS Equity & Safety Counsel, Title IX Coordinator

Kristin plays for Team DPS, providing legal support for questions about: student discipline; mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect, including acts of unlawful sexual behavior; and how DPS implements civil rights laws that protect against harassment and discrimination based on protected class, including Title IX.