Dear East High School Community,

 Happy New Year!  In the world of education, we always appreciate two “New Years” to celebrate.  This one comes at a time when we are shifting from an incredibly successful first semester into a very promising semester two at East High School.

Through this year, East has proven to be a safe and productive learning environment for our students.  Attendance is up, behavioral issues are down, and the percentage of our students on track toward graduation is on the increase.  Our new implementation of “Restorative Practices,” a way to build our community through relationship, is beginning to support our interest in knowing each other better and working together well.

Our teachers are working together in powerful ways that accelerate the learning experiences for our students.  From Math, to Science, to the Arts and beyond, teachers are innovating with ideas that connect rigor to engagement, achieving the growth in learning that every student deserves.

I do want to talk about safety at our school for a moment.  While we did not experience significant safety events during the first semester, we were, and are, well prepared to respond to concerns if they do arise.  Our Campus Safety Team meets monthly to review issues and to plan into the next month with supervision and safety driving the agenda.  Members of our extended team include: two on-site DPD School Resource Officers, four Campus Resource Officers, nine Leadership Team members, four Deans, nine Counselors, eight Psychologists and Social Workers, and three Student Engagement Advocates.  Our many community partners, including Colorado Uplift, The Conflict Center, and Project Pave, work with us to ensure that our students are emotionally and physically safe at school.

As I talk with students, their consistent message to me is that they feel safe at school.  They tell me that what makes them feel safe is when they know their fellow students and they are confident that their teachers and other staff members know them, care about them, and are responsive to their needs.

While I will communicate with you about any significant safety concerns that may occur at East High School, I also ask you to contact me or other members of our staff immediately if there is ever a safety concern that your student, or one of their friends, experiences.  The earlier we are able to respond to such concerns, the more likely it is that we can provide an efficient and effective response.

So, now we head into semester two with all of the excitement that the East High School experience holds for our students.  For our seniors, we are in the midst of college applications and acceptances, the completion of high school coursework, with  prom and graduation on the horizon.   For our freshman, we have a semester of East under our belts and we are moving more confidently into the high school experience.  For our sophomores and juniors, we are gaining momentum through academic and life opportunities in preparation for the next level.

For us all, we get to experience everything that East High School has to offer, ensuring that every Angel progresses toward the academic and life goals that are in front of them.

As always, please call or email me with any ideas, interests, or questions that you have in support of the continual growth of our school. 

In life and learning,

John Youngquist