Starting in the Fall of 2019, for the incoming class of 2024, Denver East has overhauled our programming for 8th grade students and families. Having looked at feedback over the years about our shadowing program, we have revamped our future student programming to make sure we address equity, accessibility of information, and that we provide a more consistent and engaging experience to learn about clubs, sports, academics, school resources and to tour the building.

Our new Future East Angel Experiences will cover not only all of the same information from our previous shadowing program but it will now include so much more. Our new in-person tour formats are not only offered with more date and time options, but are more refined topics to cover specific information in greater detail than before. Our 30 minute “Virtual Future Angel Experience,” coming in early October, will be an engaging online video that will provide a more accessible, convenient and comprehensive look at what was basically the same information provided during shadowing, a “day in the life of a real student,” however rather than one-on-one only, it will offer everyone a variety of different profiles to choose from. That way, students and families can see a greater array of the diverse Angel students and connect with multiple perspectives rather than just one.

This program will continue to evolve and we appreciate the patience, feedback and understanding from the community as we strive to provide an equitable, efficient and engaging experience for all that helps students and families transition well not only into high school, but specifically to succeed at Denver East.