From Monday, April 13th through Wednesday, April 15th, students will participate in state tests designed to measure their achievement at grade level. 

Testing Schedule (Note: We will not have block days during this week):

  • Monday, April 13: CMAS Science test (11th grade students only)
    • Testing should be completed for most students by 11:30
  • Tuesday, April 14: SAT test (11th grade students only)
    • Testing should be completed for most students by 12:30
  • Wednesday, April 15: PSAT 9 and PSAT 10 (9th and 10th grade students only)
    • Testing should be completed for most students by 12:15 
  • Thursday, April 16th and Friday, April 17th: regular school days

 Regular classes will not be held on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so students can take the tests with very few disruptions.  After tests are complete, most teachers will be available for tutorial, AP test preparation, or consultations as needed.  Credit Recovery for Seniors will be on-going for all of these test days. 

Normal lunch services will be provided as usual in the Commons/Cafeteria.

Regular classes consisting of bell schedule with periods 1 through 8 will be held on Thursday and Friday for all students, grades 9-12.

The 11th grade SAT is given at the state’s expense and student scores can be reported to scholarship programs, colleges and universities, as a part of a student’s submission process.  Students will get an opportunity to choose 4 places to send their scores at no cost.

The most exciting part is that students in grades 9th and 10th will take the PSAT test at the state’s expense.  This will allow students, parents, and teachers at our school to measure what kids know in preparation for the 11th grade SAT.  We can all use this information to support continued growth so your child can get their highest score on the SAT test.

Since these tests are an important tool in measuring students’ knowledge and growth, it is important that your child gets plenty of rest and eats a healthy breakfast.  They should bring two sharpened numbered 2 pencils.

Because testing can be rigorous and long, it is recommended that your student bring water and a light snack if that is needed during the testing day.  (They must pay attention to the teacher in the testing room so that water and snacks do not cause a disruption.)

Please contact Mark Arseneau, or call 720.423.8436, with any questions.