Denver East Angels and Parents,

We are less than one week away from the rollout of our remote learning system and we are looking forward to the initial engagement and the on-line work with our students beginning on Tuesday, April 7th, and continuing over the course of the next several weeks.

We have designed this system with the interest in providing for a predictable and flexible experience for our students and for our teachers. 

In this system, every teacher has designed every course to connect to the learning that was occurring prior to Spring Break.  The work for each class is defined in and assigned by teachers in the Schoology learning platform.  When students are given assignments, when a video is shared, when there is a test, or the need to work with a teacher online for class or for conferencing, the work is identified in Schoology.  The base-day to day-schedule for day-to-day efforts are represented below.

The Purpose of the Denver East Remote Learning System is to ensure that every Angel gains a positive experience as an online learner, accessing engaging and meaningful academic experiences that provide for a successful continuation of their learning through the completion of the 2019-20 school year.  

Denver East Remote Learning Flexible Schedule

The base schedule for the Denver East Remote Learning System provides for a flexible experience with Learning Windows and Independent/Conference times.

The “Learning Windows” provide flexible learning time so that teachers and students have the ability to be responsive to the unique needs that they are experiencing during this time.  Instructional videos, assignments, assessments and projects, on-line interaction (small group, large group, individual), and independent assigned tasks may take place, along with other approaches or assignments through which the teacher has an interest in engaging their students in learning. 

Teachers will inform students about the required activities and assignments for each course in Schoology.  This will include times at which students are required to be online with the teacher, if that is a requirement for the class.  

“Independent & Conference Time” is scheduled for students to engage in independent practice, homework, or other assigned projects.  This is also a time when teachers may schedule and students or parents may request conference time (like Tutorial time or a parent/ teacher meeting), with the teacher.  The teacher may wish to use other time during the week to provide support and have conferences with students, as well.  

Denver East Remote Learning System Schedule

Monday TuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday
Content Window 1: 8:30-10:00 Math Social StudiesEnglishPerforming & Visual ArtsAVID, ASC, ELD & Special Education
Content Window 2: 10:0-11:30World LanguagesAVID, ASC, ELD & Special EducationScienceCTE, ROTC, Phys. Ed. World Languages
Content Window Open: 11:30-12:30OpenOpenOpen OpenOpen
Content Window 3: 12:30-2:00English Performing & Visual ArtsIndependent & Conference Time MathIndependent & Conference Time
Content Window 4: 2:00-3:30Science CTE, ROTC, Phys. Ed.Independent & Conference TimeSocial StudiesIndependent & Conference Time

Denver East Remote Learning System Student Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Students will:
    • Be a full participant in the online learning opportunities
    • Be required to participate in one on-line, interactive session per class every week, if one is scheduled for the class by the teacher
    • Engage in interactive groups and chats, if and when assigned by the teacher
    • Track their progress closely in Schoology and Infinite Campus and advocate for their success in every class
  • Students may:
    • Request conference time provided by the teachers, or may request other specific times if experiencing a conflict with scheduled time
    • E-mail teachers with updates and questions- stay connected!
  • We will all:
    • Be gracious and thankful for one another as we do our best to create, engage and refine a remote learning system that works for students and adults, alike

Students, I ask you to dive into this on-line world of learning with your teachers and fellow Angels.  Be curious, hard-working, and determined to be present and complete all of the assignments that are coming your way. 

Parents/Guardians, our responsibilities are significant as we work to ensure the success of our students in this remote learning environment.  Reinforce your student’s opportunity to focus on each content during the “Learning Windows,” make sure your student is progressing toward on-time completion of all assignments, and check in on Schoology consistently, and have conversations with students about how their efforts are progressing. 

I look forward to us learning together and progressing together into the next several weeks. Please, let me know if you have any questions and, as we learn-forward, your suggestions and ideas will continue to be of great value. 

All the very best,

 John Youngquist