We are thrilled to soon be starting the new school year with our Angels!  

In preparation for the first day of Remote Classes on Monday, August 24th, we are now able to share class schedules with you.  Because of technical limitations with the DPS scheduling system, you will need to follow the directions below very carefully in order to find your correct schedule.  As you are looking at the correct class schedule, you will note that it has up to four classes assigned either as periods 1-4 or 5-8 (more info on that below).  

Once you have found your class schedule, you will need to look at the “Schedule A” or “Schedule B” directions below to see when a student will be required to be on-line with their teacher (synchronous learning), and when they are assigned to be working independently, on their own (asynchronous learning).  

Students are assigned to Weekly Schedule A or Weekly Schedule B by alphabet (again see below).  Note that we will not be responsive to requests to change schedules because the entire school day for students is scheduled from 8:30am to 3:40pm, with both synchronous and asynchronous learning time assigned through the day.

Note that while Remote Learning classes begin on Monday, August 24th, students and parents may begin to access Schoology beginning on Monday, August 17th.  Many teachers will have begun to provide information relating to classes in Schoology by that time and it will be helpful to dive in early making certain you have access to the platform and resources.

If you have a concern related to a class schedule, you may make that request through the following link: https://tinyurl.com/2020schedulechangerequest.  Schedule changes may not be requested by phone or email.

Again, please, follow the directions below carefully to access class schedules and apply them to either Schedule A or Schedule B to confirm the times that students have for class time and independent work time.  If you have followed the instructions and are still unable to find the correct schedule, feel free to call our main office at 720-423-8300 and we will email you a copy of the class schedule.  

We really appreciate your patience and thoughtfulness as we take steps toward what is going to be a fantastic Remote School opening just one week from Monday!  

Accessing your Quarter 1 Class Schedule through the Student and Parent Portals:

  1. Login to portal.dpsk12.org

2. Click “Transcripts”

3. Click Schedule

Now that I know my classes, when am I required to “attend” online and when am I expected to do independent work?  

  • The Schedules below will let you know exactly when you need to be on-line with your teacher (synchronous learning time), or working independently on assignments from my teacher (asynchronous time).  
  • You will receive at least thirty minutes of live instructional time with your teacher during each synchronous period. You need to be online by the beginning of the period for each synchronous learning time.

Last Name A-Leu: “Weekly Schedule A”

  • Students with Schedule A have class periods 1-4, as viewed in Student and Parent Portals
  • Students with Schedule A will have:
    • Synchronous (live on-line with teacher) learning time in the MORNING 
    • Asynchronous (independent without teacher) learning time in the AFTERNOON

Last Name Lev-Z “Weekly Schedule B”:

  • Students with B Schedules have class periods 5-8, as viewed in Student and Parent Portals
  • Students with B Schedules will have:
    • Asynchronous (independent without teacher) learning time in the MORNING
    • Synchronous (live on-line with teacher) learning time in the AFTERNOON 

2020-2021 DPS Calendar: https://www.dpsk12.org/wp-content/uploads/2020-21-School-Year-Calendar.pdf