I hope that you, your family, and friends are well and that our Angels have found initial success with their new classes as we have entered this second quarter of the school year! 

As you are likely already aware, yesterday, in alignment with the City of Denver’s decision to shift to the “Safer at Home Level 3” status, Superintendent Cordova communicated that the Denver Public Schools will remain in “remote learning” for high school students through the remainder of this semester. Read more about this announcement at www.dpsk12.org/our-dps-weekly-october-27-2020/.

We have received this message with mixed feelings- a bit of frustration met with understanding. While we are truly looking forward to the day that our teachers and students are together again in our classrooms, we agree with the absolute priority that this must happen at a time when we are more confident in the level of health and safety that we will experience together. 

Here are a few notes relating to the decision to continue with fully remote learning through December 18th:

  • Over the course of the next six weeks of school, we anticipate that our full weekly schedule will be able to be applied with consistency (yay!).
  • Special Education Center programs will continue to serve our students at the school.  Denver East serves two of these important classroom center programs.
  • The planned PSAT administration will remain scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, October 29th.
  • We are hoping to amend our plan for the 9th Grade Academy, so that our students may experience a well-planned and safe experience at the school over the course of the next several weeks with more information forthcoming soon.

As you know, we have become well prepared for multiple scenarios and the remote context is one into which we have become even stronger through this year. Our teachers have worked hard to learn about and put into place effective tools and strategies for engaging students in the online context. We are confident that this second quarter will be of high value to our learners.

I know that all of the changes that have been occurring can be frustrating and difficult. We continue to be available to support students who would like to have someone with whom they can talk and process their feelings and their experiences.

Let’s keep working together for the success of every one of our Angels. As always, feel free to contact me by email or phone to touch base with any questions or ideas that you have. 

All the best,
John Youngquist