We are excited to start the second quarter with our Angels next week!  

In preparation for the first day of remote classes on Thursday, October 22nd, we are now able to share class schedules with you. Because of technical limitations with the DPS scheduling system, you will need to follow the directions below very carefully in order to find your correct schedule.  

Once you have found your class schedule, you will need to look at the “Schedule A” or “Schedule B” directions below to see when a student will be required to be on-line with their teacher (synchronous learning), and when they are assigned to be working independently, on their own (asynchronous learning).  

As throughout our first Quarter, students are still assigned to “Schedule A” or “ Schedule B” by alphabet (again see below).

While Remote Learning classes have yet to begin, many teachers have started or will likely provide information relating to classes in Schoology prior to that time. It will be helpful to dive into Schoology earlier in the week to be certain you have access to the platform and resources.

Again, please, follow the directions below carefully to access class schedules and apply them to either “Schedule A” or “Schedule B” to confirm the times that students have for synchronous (on-line with the teacher), class time and asynchronous (independent) work time.  If you have followed the instructions and are still unable to find the correct schedule, feel free to call our main office at 720-423-8300 and we will email you a copy of the class schedule.  

As explained in the message yesterday, if DPS leadership determines that on Nov. 9 we will begin to offer Hybrid In-person learning, this schedule will not change.  The only difference will be that students on the Hybrid In-Person program will be in the building for their synchronous periods 1 and 2.  

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your patience as we are experiencing these transitions and best of luck during the 2nd Quarter of our school year!

Much appreciated,
John Youngquist

Accessing your Quarter 2 Class Schedule through the Student and Parent Portals:

  1. Login to your Student or Parent Portal at  portal.dpsk12.org
  2. Click “Transcripts”

3. Click “Schedule”

4. Confirm that you are in “Q2” (quarter 2) and view your classes

Denver East 2nd Quarter Schedule
Periods noted on this schedule are for Synchronous learning time

Weekly Schedule Hybrid A (Last Name Starts with A-Leu)
“Schedule A (a.m. synchronous)” students have asynchronous (independent) learning time 12:25-3:30 Monday-Thursday and all day on Friday

Weekly Schedule Hybrid B (Last Name Starts with Lev-Z)
“Schedule B (p.m. synchronous)” students have asynchronous (independent) learning time 8:00-11:05 a.m. Monday-Thursday and all day on Friday

Asynch Learning All Day & Conferencing/Meeting Time
8:00-9:30Period 1aPeriod 3aPeriod 1aPeriod 3aTeacher Prep &Team Time
9:35-11:05Period 2aPeriod 4aPeriod 2aPeriod 4aTutorial/ConferencingPrioritized Groups
11:05-12:25LunchLunchLunchLunch Lunch
12:25-1:55Period 1bPeriod 3bPeriod 1bPeriod 3bTutorial/Conferencing Prioritized Groups
2:00-3:30Period 2bPeriod 4bPeriod 2bPeriod 4bTeacher Prep &Team Time