Thank you so much for your patience and extreme flexibility as we continue to receive more information related to our transition into the 2nd Quarter of this school year.

As you are likely aware, yesterday afternoon, Superintendent Susana Cordova provided a district-wide communication with updates related to the guidance that has been received from the district health partners. These updates resulted in the following decisions related to the 2nd Quarter opening of schools:

  • Elementary schools will open as planned to all grades next week.
  • Middle and high schools will not open for in-person and will continue in remote learning for most students for at least three weeks into the second quarter, through Friday, Nov. 6.
  • Secondary special-education center programs, newcomer centers, and remote learning centers are an exception and will open for in-person at the start of the second quarter. 
  • The SAT for seniors (October 27th) and the PSAT for juniors (October 29th) will continue to take place for students who have registered for these tests.

Additional comments noted by the superintendent included:

  • In-person instruction for middle and high school will be limited to priority students (those served by special-education center programs, newcomer centers, and remote learning centers), as we can provide additional space and personal protective equipment (PPE) to support a safe return to school for them.
  • We will continue to monitor COVID conditions and collaborate with Denver Health to determine if trends improve to a point where we can safely open our middle and high schools for more in-person schooling.
  • We will evaluate the situation again at the end of October, and share more information on next steps with you.

As you were reminded in my prior message, we are transitioning to a schedule for the 2nd Quarter that will allow us to serve both Hybrid In-Person schedule students and 100% Virtual program schedule students. The schedule allows us to flex between fully remote and hybrid/100% virtual in a fluid manner that will not require another change when students are allowed to be in-person at school.

The change of the start date for In-Person learning to Monday, November 9th will require a couple of adjustments, but largely our calendar and our schedule will remain as it was represented in our last message.  Important notes:

  • Next Wednesday, October 21st, will be a non-student contact day and the 2nd Quarter classes will begin on Thursday, October 22nd
  • We are postponing the 9th Grade Academy so that this “on-boarding” activity, will take place just prior to the Hybrid In-Person students being able to enter our building in-person classrooms.
    • We are currently planning for 9th Grade Academy to take place on November 9th and 10th. During these days only the 9th Grade students who have chosen Hybrid In-person learning will be allowed in the building. 9th Graders who have chosen the 100% Virtual option will still have an asynchronous experience. Grades 10, 11 and 12 will not have classes.

The adjusted calendar for the next two weeks and the 2nd Quarter weekly class schedule that will be used during the typical weeks of the quarter are provided below. 

Due to the complexity of adapting our school-wide schedule to support both in-person and 100% virtual learning models, confirmed schedules will be available in the Student and Parent portals by Friday, October 16th.  Note that if you are in the Hybrid In-Person program, we are 95% certain that the classes you had planned for are the ones you will have on your schedule (although, there may be some teacher changes). If you chose to take our 100% Virtual program, as has been referenced since August, there is a limited selection of courses available.  You may have courses in your 100% Virtual program schedule that you had not intended, however, counselors are doing their best to provide courses that are relevant to your interests.

Tomorrow, you will receive another message providing instructions for how to find scheduled classes in the Student and Parent Portals and how to apply them to the Weekly Schedule (so our Angels know when to show up for synchronous classes on-line).

I am thankful for your thoughtfulness, patience, and consideration as important adjustments are made to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Please, let me know of any questions and thoughts that you may have related to this transition.

 Much appreciated,

John Youngquist

 Adjusted Calendar for the first two weeks of Quarter 2 (as of 10/14/20)

Quarter 2Calendar for the First Two Weeks of Quarter 2!  *All Classes are REMOTE until the week of November 9
Mon., Oct. 19District Teal Day- Professional Learning Day- No classes for students
Tues., Oct. 20School Teal Day- Professional Learning Day- No classes for students
Wednesday, Oct. 21Student Welcome Actions and Teacher Planning- No classes for students
Thursday, Oct. 221st Day for All Students (Monday/Wedn Schedule- Periods 1 & 2)
Friday, Oct. 232nd Day for All Students (Tuesday/Thursday Schedule- Periods 3 & 4))
Monday, Oct. 26Monday Schedule (Periods 1 & 2)
Tuesday, Oct. 27SAT for Seniors who have previously registered for the test      -No classes for grades 9, 10, 11
Wednesday, Oct. 28Tuesday/Thursday Schedule (Periods 3 & 4)
Thursday, Oct. 29PSAT for Juniors who have previously registered for the test      -No classes for grades 9, 10, 12
Friday, Oct. 30Friday Tutorial/Conference/Meeting Schedule (all students asynchronous time)
Monday, Nov. 2“Regular” Weekly Schedule to be used through December 18!

Denver East 2nd Quarter REMOTE Weekly SchedulePeriods noted on this schedule are for On-line Synchronous learning time

If Your Last Name Starts with A-Leu you are on “Schedule A.” “Schedule A (a.m. synchronous)” students have asynchronous (independent) learning time 12:25-3:30 Monday-Thursday and all day on Friday

If Your Name Starts with Lev-Z you are on “Schedule B.” “Schedule B (p.m. synchronous)” students have asynchronous (independent) learning time 8:00-11:05 a.m. Monday-Thursday and all day on Friday

At Home On-line
At Home On-line
At Home On-line
At Home On-line
Asynch Learning All Day & Conferencing/Meeting Time
8:00-9:30Period 1aPeriod 3aPeriod 1aPeriod 3aTeacher Prep & Team Time
9:35-11:05Period 2aPeriod 4aPeriod 2aPeriod 4aTutorial/ConferencingPrioritized Groups
12:25-1:55Period 1bPeriod 3bPeriod 1bPeriod 3bTutorial/Conferencing Prioritized Groups
2:00-3:30Period 2bPeriod 4bPeriod 2bPeriod 4bTeacher Prep &Team Time