We are excited to start the THIRD QUARTER with our Angels when we return in 2021!  

In preparation for the first day of remote classes on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, we are now able to share class schedules with you. Because of technical limitations with the DPS scheduling system, you will need to follow the directions below very carefully in order to find your correct schedule.  

Once you have found your class schedule, you will need to look at the “Schedule A” or “Schedule B” directions below to see when a student will be required to be on-line with their teacher (synchronous learning), and when they are assigned to be working independently, on their own (asynchronous learning).  

As throughout our First Semester, students are still assigned to the same “Schedule A” or “ Schedule B” by alphabet (again, please see below).

If you have followed the instructions and are still unable to find the correct schedule, feel free to contact your counselor and they will be happy to assist you.  

I would like to reinforce the importance of using this schedule for synchronous time and for asynchronous, independent time.  We have found that how our Angels are using their time is of the utmost importance.  Every day of the week is a full school day and using your Monday-Thursday and Fridays to complete independent work provides for a schedule that will assure that students are able to effectively and efficiently experience success with their classwork and through their courses.  

The superintendent of the Denver Public Schools has represented a target date of January 19, 2020, for beginning to bring high school students in for Hybrid In-Person learning. If the health context in the community allows for this as a start to Hybrid In-Person, know that not all students will begin on this date, but we will start with smaller groups of students, progressing into the 50% Hybrid In-Person presence at school over the course of two to three weeks.  

Remember that whether we are in Full Remote or allowing Hybrid In-Person, the schedule through a week of school will remain the same. Synchronous time becomes “in-person” time for students who have selected to be in the Hybrid/In-Person program.  Almost all Hybrid/In-Person classes will have the teacher of record in the classroom with their students.  Students in the 100% Virtual program may have experienced schedule changes since the First Quarter.  Due to the nature of live-streaming into a classroom, 100% virtual students will have “eyes and ears” into many of their classrooms and may experience limited interaction with the teacher or other students.

As you are aware, the first week of Semester 2 is a four day school week and we will have several other four day weeks during the semester.  When we have a four-day week, we will simply remove the “Friday” schedule from the week, having students attend our “Monday to Thursday Synchronous” schedule on Tuesday to Friday.  This will be the case with the weeks of January 4th and January 18th, 2020.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your patience as we are experiencing these transitions and best of luck during the 2nd Semester of our school year!

Accessing your Quarter 3 Class Schedule through the Student and Parent Portals:

  1. Login to your Student or Parent Portal at portal.dpsk12.org
  2. Click “Transcripts”, as shown below.

3. Click “Schedule” as shown below.

4. Confirm that you are in “Q3” (quarter 3) and view your classes, as shown below.

5. Now that you know your classes, identify when you are required to “attend” online and when you are expected to do independent work:  

  • The Schedules below will let you know exactly when you need to be on-line with your teacher (synchronous learning time), or working independently on assignments from your teacher (asynchronous time).  
  • You need to be “online on time” by the beginning of the period for each synchronous learning period.

Last Name A-Leu: “Weekly Schedule A” will have:

  • Synchronous (live on-line with teacher) learning time in the MORNING 
  • Asynchronous (independent without teacher) learning time in the AFTERNOON
  • Asynchronous all day on Fridays, except with in tutorial or conference with a teacher

Last Name Lev-Z “Weekly Schedule B” will have:

  • Synchronous (live on-line with teacher) learning time in the AFTERNOON 
  • Asynchronous (independent without teacher) learning time in the MORNING
  • Asynchronous all day on Fridays, except with in tutorial or conference with a teacher

* Please note that if the week has an adjustment for a holiday or staff development day, there will be an adjustment to the bell schedule for that week.

2020-2021 DPS Calendar: https://www.dpsk12.org/wp-content/uploads/2020-21-School-Year-Calendar.pdf