East Angels,

I hope your week is going well and that you had a great three-day weekend in honor of MLK Jr.!  

Thank you again to our Black Student Alliance for their incredible work in creating and producing our “virtual assembly,” recognizing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the importance of black lives in our community.  We appreciate you!!!

As you are aware, starting on Monday, “Hybrid In-Person” students will begin to enter the school for their classes.  There is a lot of detailed information in this update- be certain to review the information so that you know what to expect as we begin to return to our East High School campus.

Also, you will receive information related to the entry and exit doors that you will use to enter and exit the building as well as one-way hallway and stairwell maps by the end of the day today.

As always, thanks for being a Great Angel and email me with any question or ideas that you may have,

Mr. Youngquist

Important Dates:

  • Jan. 19-22… Monday-Thurs. class schedule will take place Tuesday-Friday this week
  • Monday, Jan. 25… First day at School for Hybrid In-Person Students (1st & 2nd Periods)
  • Jan. 26-27… Full Remote classes- everyone stay at home!
  • Thursday, Jan. 28… Second day at school for Hybrid In-Person Students (3rd & 4th Periods)
  • Monday, Feb. 1… First “full week” at school for “Hybrid In-Person” Students

Details Related to Transition to Hybrid-In Person Learning

The following calendar represents the schedule for the transition into the Hybrid In-Person context:

  • Week of Jan 25th: We will begin to transition hybrid with two “in-person” days
    • Monday will be “Hybrid In-Person” for periods 1 and 2
    • Tuesday and Wednesday will be “Full-Remote”
    • Thursday will be “Hybrid In-Person” for periods 3 and 4
    • Friday will be reserved for preparation into four days of “Hybrid In-Person” on Feb. 1
  • Week of February 1:  Monday-Friday on “Hybrid In-Person” schedule

The weekly schedule that will be used for classes is exactly the same schedule that will be used for the Hybrid In-Person context.  

  • “Hybrid In-Person” students will be physically present at school during the same times that they would have “synchronous” class time.   
  • Students who are in the “100% Virtual,” program will stay on the exact same schedule they are on right now.
  • Students in both programs will have ample asynchronous (independent) work time in their schedules in order to complete their assignments.  

For Students in the Hybrid In-Person Program:

The following health and safety requirements MUST be followed by Angels in the Hybrid In-Person Program as they enter our school building:

  • Every student must have the “SafeAccess” health screening completed every day prior to attending classes.  Completion of the survey is reviewed and confirmed by school personnel at the beginning of every session.  The link to the SafeAccess student site is: east.dpsk12.org/safeaccess
  • All students and adults are required to wear masks and follow 6’ social distancing requirements at all times that they are on campus 
    • Students and teachers may wear face shields or goggles in addition to face masks and plexiglass shields will be present in many office areas and classrooms
    •  It is advised that students bring one extra mask in case one is dropped or lost
    • All classrooms will be well-stocked with additional masks for student use

Every Hybrid In-Person Angel Must Follow These Entry, Movement, and Exit Protocols:

  • Students may arrive through assigned doors at 7:45 a.m. for the morning session and 12:10 p.m. for the afternoon session
  • In order to limit the number of students who are entering and exiting through each door, students will enter the building through assigned doors that are closest to their first classroom and will exit through doors that are closest to their second class.  
    • Entry and exit door assignments will be communicated to you via e-mail by Jan. 20.
    • Students are required to leave campus and are advised to go home immediately after their class session has ended
    • Students will move through well-marked one-way hallways directly to their assigned classrooms
    • Bathrooms use will be limited to five students at a time
    • There will not be access to lockers- backpacks and other bags for school items are encouraged

Food Services

  • Grab-and-go breakfast will be available for students to access on the Detroit St. side of the building, by the “Commons” doors” starting at 7:45am.  Lunch will be available  at the same location for 15 minutes after the morning session and beginning at 12 noon for afternoon session students.   
  • No should be eaten outside of the building and no food is allowed to be eaten in classrooms
  • Please, bring a water bottle- while the water-fountains are inaccessible, water bottle filling stations are available
  • Parking in the Student Lot is available for those who are currently in possession of a parking permit. You must display your permit in the vehicle.

The Hybrid In-Person Classroom Context

  • The average class size for Hybrid In-Person learning is 12 students. Classes may range between 10 and 19 and students will always be in rooms that have adequate space for at least 6’ social distancing to be maintained. 
  • To support the health and safety of our students and staff, classes will be largely  “paperless” and students will need a Chromebook, laptop, or other devices to have with them for each class.  
    • Students must bring a fully charged computer or Chromebook to school.  
    • It may be helpful to bring the charging cord to school.
    • Bring headphones, AirPods, or similar personal listening devices.
    • If you need a device, we have Chromebooks available for your student to check out. If you need support with technology, please, complete the “Request Technology” survey at east.dpsk12.org and we will help to ensure that every Angel has what they need for in-person and remote learning times.
  • Almost every classroom in the building will have the assigned in-person teacher in the classroom. In support of some teachers who will be teaching remotely and with the interest in sustaining our large array of available courses, a small number of classes will have the assigned teacher present on-line while we also have an East staff member present with the students in the classroom.
  • In support of the Angels who are enrolled in our 100% Virtual program, there will be livestream video in most of the “In-person” classrooms. Access to the live-stream will be limited to a small number of students who are enrolled in the course.
  • Students who are enrolled as “Hybrid In-Person” will be noted as “absent” if they are not physically present in their classroom during the appropriate time. 

Environmental Preparation and Response

  • Our school and classrooms are well stocked with cleaning supplies. Classrooms will be surface-cleaned between classes, and common areas and classrooms will be surface cleaned and disinfected through the use of an electrostatic cleaner between a.m. and p.m. class sessions and at the end of each day.
  • Denver East received a new ventilation and air handling system that was fully installed in 2018.  All classrooms and common areas have been recently reviewed and all air filtering and flow systems are in working order.
  • In the event that a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 becomes present in our building and in “close contact” with others, the following protocol will be followed:
  • The DPS COVID-19 Task Force will be contacted immediately
  • o   A contact-tracing action, as directed by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) will be engaged
  • o   Parents of students who are identified as having been in “close contact” with a COVID-19 positive case will be contacted immediately
  • o   Affected students and staff will be directed to quarantine for the amount of time directed by the CDPHE
  • o   Due to the very small class sizes in our “Hybrid In-Person” program and the limited mobility students will have through the school building, the number of individuals quarantined due to a COVID-19 positive exposure event will likely be limited to a relatively small number.

For Students in the 100% Virtual Program:

  • If you need support with technology, please, complete the “Request Technology” form at east.dpsk12.org and we will help to ensure every Angel has what they need
  • You may have classes that are accessed through live-streaming into a live classroom containing other students.  For live-streamed classrooms, the majority of your work will be asynchronous, but you will have the advantage of having “eyes and ears,” in the classroom during your synchronous time with the class.  
  • Teachers will be available to you during Friday tutorial and conference times.

Denver East is a school with strong physical and mental health resources available for our Angels. Feel free to contact the following  offices with any questions that you have related to their services:

  • Denver East Clinic/Nurse’s Office: Our Nurse Emily Gatto is the “heart” of our Physical Health programming at East and is driving our health and safety efforts related to personal health and cleanliness in our school building. Contact: 720-423-8321
  • Denver East School-Based Health Center (Denver Health):  SBHC is open to all DPS students for both in-person and telehealth appointments for both new and existing patients. Health services are provided at NO COST to all DPS families. For in-person appointments, every precaution is taken to keep our clinics clean and patients safe. Register now with the convenient eConsent or contact: 720-423-8378.
  • Your Angel’s Counselor. Their contact information can be found at https://east.dpsk12.org/remote-learning/contact-information-office-hours/

Lastly, just a reminder that, for the health and safety of our school community, students may only be on school grounds or in the school building while participating in Hybrid In-Person class time or participating in scheduled athletic activities.  No visitors are allowed to be present on our school grounds or in our building.

We highly encourage all students to fully participate in clubs and other activities that are currently provided online!

OK, that was a lot!  Take some time to digest it and, again, we will send you specific information about what doors each Angel will use for entering and exiting the building by Wednesday, January 20th.