Amazing East Angels,

Thank you for everyone’s incredible effort in helping to ensure we had a strong first day of in-person learning Monday at East High School!  

Especially, thank you to you, Angels!   We had excellent attendance, students wore their masks responsibly, we made it through the one-way hallways with great efficiency, and everyone helped to keep us all safe and healthy while learning in our classrooms!

Remember that for in-person learning on Thursday, January 28th, you will be at school for 3rd and 4th periods!  That means that you will likely be entering and exiting different doors than you did on Monday.  

We have made a couple of adjustments based on what we learned from Monday’s experience to help us have an even better 2nd day of in-person learning.  These changes include the opening up of an additional hallway on the first floor for passing period and the assignment of students to two additional exit doors.  You can see those changes highlighted on the maps below.

We are looking forward to seeing our in-person Angels again tomorrow and if you are in the virtual program, we appreciate your presence! 


John Youngquist


Denver East Protocol for In-person/Hybrid Learning

To ensure safe entry into the in-person learning context, please, view the video below to review our processes for health and safety requirements, classroom expectations and  the entry, exit, and traffic flow as students move through the building.

Staff will be available at the entrances and throughout each floor to assist students with safely navigating their way to the classrooms.

Additional information regarding masks, device requirements, social distancing, meals, and other important notes can can be found at:

** Student Parking is ONLY available for those with a valid permit displayed in the vehicle.

Entering the Building:

Students are entering via the door closest to their classroom. Staff will enter through the front center door.

Exiting the Building:

Traffic flow throughout the building, noting one-way hallways and stairwells:

first floor
second floor
third floor
fourth floor