We are excited to start the FOURTH QUARTER with our Angels!  

In preparation for the first day of the quarter on Monday, March 15, 2021, we want to confirm that class schedules are available in Infinite Campus.  Because of technical limitations with the DPS scheduling system, you will need to follow the directions below very carefully in order to find the correct schedule (if you have followed the instructions and are still unable to find the correct schedule, feel free to contact your counselor and they will be happy to assist you).    

Once you have found the correct schedule, you will need to look at the “Schedule A” or “Schedule B” directions below to see when to be on-line or in person (synchronous learning), and when to be working independently  (asynchronous learning).  

Students are assigned to the same “Schedule A” or “ Schedule B,” by alphabet, as they have been on all year- there are really no changes to the schedules.

I would like to reinforce the importance of using the schedule for students to prioritize both synchronous time and for asynchronous, independent time through each week. Every day of the week is a full school day and using your Monday-Friday synchronous to complete independent work provides for a schedule that will assure that students are able to effectively and efficiently experience success with their classwork and through their courses.  

We do understand that the context of “COVID-19” in the community could shift over the course of weeks.  We are prepared for that. Remember that whether we are in “Full Remote” or “Hybrid In-Person,” the schedule through a week of school will remain the same. 

Entry, Exit, and Health Protocols for Quarter 4:

During the 4th Quarter, we have a couple of short weeks requiring schedule adjustments.

Week of April 5th

April 5th is a Teacher Planning Day with no classes on Monday- our Monday-Thursday schedule will occur Tuesday-Friday.

Week of April 12th

April 12 – 15th: Colorado State Assessments (PSAT, SAT, CMAS). Note: THIS IS A CHANGE FROM PRIOR COMMUNICATIONS!!!

  • The Colorado State Legislature is working to determine if the CMAS test will be provided to high school juniors this spring  (House Bill 21-1161)
    • Because of the testing requirements directed by the school state and the school district, the week of April 12th will be a fully asynchronous week with no in-person or synchronous classes
  • Testing Days:
    • Juniors will take the CMAS Science assessment on Monday, April 12
    • Juniors will take the SAT on Tuesday, April 13
    • Sophomores will take the PSAT 10 on Wednesday, April 14
    • Freshman will take the PSAT 9 on Thursday, April 15
    • Seniors will have asynchronous assignments for the full week and all other students will have asynchronous work to complete throughout the week when not taking tests

The Colorado Department of Education expects schools to administer state tests (CMAS, PSAT, and SAT) to all students in person, regardless of whether each individual student attends school in-person or remotely. There will not be a remote testing option, so all students must come into the school to take tests. If you would like to opt your student out of any portion of the testing week, please, send an email to our testing coordinator, Gloria Montoya, at gloria_montoya@dpsk12.org.

Period 4 Study Sessions

As we have communicated over the course of the last few weeks, most students have three classes to complete the school year during the 4th Quarter.  A parent may request that their student participates in a “Period 4 Study Session” in order to be at school, supervised, in a safe, healthy space to engage in their asynchronous and independent work.  

  • Students will be scheduled into Period 4 Study Sessions by grade level.  
  • Classroom teachers will not be available to be present with students unless students have scheduled an on-line conference to meet with one of their teachers during that time.  
  • Only students whose parents have registered them for a Period 4 Study Session may attend
  • Students are required to attend on both Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week.

Parents may schedule their student into a Period 4 Study Session by emailing Alyssa Dunne at alyssa_dunne@dpsk12.org by 12 noon on Friday, March 12, to register for a Period 4 Study Session. You will receive information related to room assignments by 12pm on Monday, March 12.

“Freshman United” Sessions:  A big part of high school is getting to know new people and we know that, because of the remote experience and the need to wear masks at school, our 9th-grade students have not had the opportunities to make the high school friends that they deserve. That is why we are requiring our newest class members to participate in Period 4 “Freshman United” small group connection classes for two sessions in April. This is just a heads-up, and more information relating these sessions will be provided in the next couple of weeks.  We are really looking forward to new friendships being formed!  We are going to look forward to Sophomore and Junior “Angels Reunited” sessions in later April and May!

Thank you for your thoughtfulness as we continue our journey through this year and best of luck during the 4th Quarter!