Our school health professional services at East include a variety of substance use and social-emotional curricula. All of the following services will be offered virtually and can be accessed by parent or self (student) referral. If you would like your student to access one or more of these services please contact Lauren Nichols at Lauren_Nichols@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-8565

  • Drug and alcohol education group (6 sessions-psychoeducation about the impacts on the brain, understanding laws, and increasing healthy coping skills)
  • Nicotine cessation (second chance program for experimental users or NOT group for higher level nicotine users)
  • Individual drug and alcohol brief intervention (4-8 sessions)
  • Aggression Replacement Therapy group (6 sessions)
  • Anxiety group (6-8 sessions)
  • Grief Workshop via Judi’s House (1x 45 minute sessions)