Denver East Remote Learning System

Dear East Angels, Parents, and Community Members,

As you are aware, we are now open for “in-person/hybrid” learning experiences.

Our experience with remote learning has had a strong start largely due to the creativity, the patience, and the determination of our staff members and students. The dedicated effort that we are seeing from our entire community is impressive and appreciated. While we never would have anticipated the need to serve our students fully through the on-line context, the positive attitudes, positive assumptions, and thoughtful feedback coming from our community are helping to create successes through this collective effort.

We thank you for your ability to understand and support each other as we continue this effort together. Along with the information provided on this website, you will receive ongoing updates through our weekly “Friday News” distribution at the end of each week. We want to keep you informed.

As always, let us know of any questions, concerns, and ideas that you have to help us continue to learn through this experience together.

Take good care,

Mr. Youngquist