DPS Revised Remote Learning Grading System Details:

  • Students may earn traditional grades in all course
  • The “grades” earned in a class will, as usual, be reflected in the student’s grade point average
  • A student may elect to identify the outcome of a course as “credit” instead of a grade
  • An “F” in a class will be represented as “no credit” on a transcript, having no effect on a student’s gpa
  • Any “credit” or “no credit” outcome for a course will have no effect on a student’s gpa
  • At the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to change a grade to a “no credit” in any one of their classes

Important Note: 

  • ​The grade a student earned as of April 6, 2020 (the day before remote learning started), will serve as the lowest possible grade a student can receive for this semester, as long as the student continues to engage in learning as determined by the school and their remote learning plan. The April 6, grade is not yet identified in Infinite Campus, as end of grading period grades are due now and will be available as a progress-monitoring grade on Tuesday.  The April 6 grade is being calculated by the school district and will be noted for your students in the next couple of weeks
  • As long as the student continues to engage in learning, as determined by the school and their remote learning plan…  What does that mean?
    • The April 6th grade will serve as the lowest possible as long as a student meets these Denver East Remote Learning System Student Responsibilities and Expectations:Students will:Participate and engage in each class through every week, as acknowledged by the student’s online presence and by the teacher of the course
    • Complete assignments and projects as assigned by the teacher
    • Participate in one online, interactive session per class every week, if one is scheduled for the class by the teacher 
    • Engage in interactive groups and chats if and when assigned by the teacher
    • Track progress closely in Schoology and Infinite Campus and self-advocate for academic success in every class
    • Communicate with teachers, counselors, or other school staff members about any realities that the student may be experiencing with technology access, time management, or conflicts with work and home priorities
    • Ask for flexibilities from the teacher when the opportunities for flexibility will be supportive of the student’s success
    • Align all online behavior with the expectations set for all Angels, as represented in our Student Handbook: https://east.dpsk12.org/students/

Students may:

  • Request to meet with a teacher during a scheduled conference time or at another time to be scheduled specifically for the student