The base schedule for the Denver East Remote Learning System provides for a flexible experience with Learning Windows and Independent/Conference times.

The “Learning Windows” provide flexible learning time so that teachers and students have the ability to be responsive to the unique needs that they are experiencing during this time.  Instructional videos, assignments, assessments and projects, on-line interaction (small group, large group, individual), and independent assigned tasks may take place, along with other approaches or assignments through which the teacher has an interest in engaging their students in learning.  



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Content Window 1     


Math Social Studies English Performing & Visual Arts AVID, ASC, ELD & Special Education

Content Window 2   


World Languages AVID, ASC, ELD & Special Education Science CTE, ROTC, Phys. Ed. World Languages

Open Window           


Open Open Open Open Open

Content Window 3   


English Performing & Visual Arts Independent & Conference Time Math Independent & Conference Time

Content Window 4   


Science CTE, ROTC, Phys. Ed. Independent & Conference Time Social Studies Independent & Conference Time

“Independent & Conference Time” is scheduled for students to engage in independent practice, homework, or other assigned projects.  This is also a time when teachers may schedule and students or parents may request conference time (like Tutorial time or a parent/ teacher meeting), with the teacher.  The teacher may wish to use other time during the week to provide support and have conferences with students, as well.

Teachers will inform students about the required activities and assignments for each course in Schoology.  This will include times at which students are required to be on-line with the teacher, if that is a requirement for the class. 

During the online learning implementation, no teachers will be present on campus and no classes, games, meetings or gatherings will take place on campus.  Also, no students are able to access classrooms, lockers, or any part of the school or campus until further notice.