Rising Senior Meetings

Mandatory Steps:

  1. Sign up for a Senior Appointment. In this meeting, we will check your graduation status, adjust your schedule, and discuss where you are at in the college process.  This will take place in August and can be either virtual or in-person. 
    1. Mr. Kohuth https://calendly.com/steven_kohuth/senior-meeting 
    2. Ms. Brown https://calendly.com/patrice_brown/senior-appointments 
    3. Ms. Vesceri https://calendly.com/lindsey_vesceri/senior-meeting 
    4. Ms. Terry https://calendly.com/lindsey_terry/20min 
    5. Ms. Hyosaka https://calendly.com/holly_hyosaka-1/meeting 
    6. Ms. Behmke https://calendly.com/behmke/senior-meeting-with-behmke 
    7. Ms. Curran https://calendly.com/liz_curran/studenthours 
  1. Read through the Senior Appointment Document in its entirety. Please take time with your parents or guardian to go through each section and keep a list of questions you have to discuss at your senior meeting. Within this document you will find links to videos we have created that walk you through each step of the application process as well as links to helpful parts of our counseling website for you to access prior to our meeting. The most commonly asked questions are answered in these videos!
  1. Set up a Scholarship Appointment with our Denver Scholarship Foundation Advisor so that you can make a plan on when and how to apply for financial aid. Lisa Atufunwa can be reached via email at latufunwa@denverscholarship.org 

When we meet in August, you will be considered on track for your post-secondary plan if you have the following completed:

  1. You have reviewed the senior appointment document.
  2. You have identified what you would like to do after graduating – 4 year College, 2 year College, Technical College, Military, or Work. 
  3. If attending College is part of your plan:
    1. Have a list of schools you would like to attend and have placed them in your MaiaLearning ‘Applying to List’
    2. Have a rough draft of your personal statement
    3. Have started working on your applications 
    4. Identify which teachers you will ask to write your letters of recommendation and complete the counselor letter of recommendation form found on the linked Senior Appointment document. 
  4. If you have questions about any item listed above, please refer to the senior appointment document and the videos found on our website.

Parents and guardians, we know what a critical role you play in supporting your child’s application process, and your child in general, so we wanted to provide you with all of this information as well. In addition to what has been shared here, please watch this video for an example of what your student’ senior meeting will look like. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R0uP_r4dafgzK4c_-W1UTLpguMtr2qjH/view?usp=sharing 

Thank you so much and we can’t wait to see you in August! If you have any questions or are unable to schedule an appointment, please reach out to your specific counselor via email.