Coronavirus Update

With the health and safety of our students and staff at the heart of this decision, DPS leadership has made the decision to remain with remote learning through Nov. 6, 2020. This means that all DPS schools will remain closed to in-person classes until further notice.

As a result, some contact information below is now different from the typical in-building access you have used.

Name Ext Position email
A+ Angels 720-423-8449
Abney, Jill 720-423-8491 World Lang
Acker, Molly 720-423-8535 Visual Arts (Draw/Paint)
Ackley, Craig 720-423-8450 Visual Arts (Ceramics/AP)
Acosta Flores, Valeria 720-423-8509 ELA-Para
Acosta, Juan 720-423-8317 World Lang
Adams, John 720-423-8371 STR/Tech Specialist
Agoos, Samantha 720-423-8465 Science
Almon, Jonathan 720-423-8333 Library
Anderson, Lindsay 720-423-8564 Social Studies
Anderson, Shawne 720-423-8331 Assistant Principal
Anderson, Thomas 720-423-8476 Social Studies
Student Assistance Fund 720-423-8313 Student Assistance Fund
Arens, Aimee 720-423-8449 English
Awdziejczyk, Lauren 720-423-8477 Science
Baker, Aimee 720-423-8523 Visual Arts (Photography)
Behmke, Rebecca 720-423-8358 Counselor P – Sj
Berger, Emily 720-423-8489 CTE  Coordinator
Berry, Dwight 720-423-8346 Student Advisor
Bershof, Estee Visual Arts (Digital Arts)
Bierman, Meghan 720-423-8511 Math
Bonta, Diego 720-423-8495 Engineering
Breslin, Chavet 720-423-8386 Special Ed
Brown, Lindsay 720-423-8574 English
Brown, Patrice 720-423-8540 Counselor Ch- F
Bucher, Andrew 720-423-8482 English
Buddenhagen, Brain 720-423-8531 English
Calhoun, Mark 720-423-8414 MTSS Coordinator
Caricato, Vincent 720-423-8595 Denver Scholarship Foundation
Castellano, Jason 720-423-8579 World Lang
Catbagan, Yvonne 720-423-8330 Registration Secretary
Chang, Ya-Wen 720-423-8522 World Lang
Chavez, Ilse 720-423-8350 Recquisitions
Clark, JJ 720-423-8544 English
Cleveland, Mallory 720-423-8508 Business
Clinic Front Counter 720-423-8378 Clinic
Cowel, Jenny 720-423-8520 Math
Craft, Savanah 720-423-8519 Math
Curran, Liz 720-423-8341 Counselor Sk – Z
Curtis,  Anita 720-423-8419 Psychologist
Davis, Dackri 720-423-8447 AP / Athletic Director
DeVoss, Jennifer 720-423-8412 Psychologist
Obregon, Cat 720-423-8440 English/Newspaper
Dillon, Fernanda 720-423-8442 Assistant Principal
Dirgo, Christopher 720-263-2156‬ Communications Specialist
Dodge, Lauren 720-423-8565 Prevention Specialist
Dunne, Alyssa 720-423-8324 Records // Counseling Support
Dysart, Brent 720-423-8561 Social Studies
Farlow, Paige 720-423-8468 Dance
Fax – Athletic Director 720-423-8381 Athletic Director
Fax – Attendance Office 720-423-8311 Attendance Office
Fehrman, Dylan 720-423-8354 Social Studies
Fieseler, Gordon 720-423-8513 Math
Frerichs, Rex 720-423-8563 Math
Friedman, Josh 720-423-8571 Science
Fulford, Matthew 720-423-8493 Social Studies
Fulford, Meredith 720-423-8443 English
Gaare, Charlie 720-423-8537 English
Gaffney, Tamara 720-423-8503 Math
Gallegos, Annetta 720-423-8345 Business Ed
Gamble, Pam 720-423-8374 Special Ed
Gardiner, Heather 720-423-8365 Social Worker
Garfinkel, Josh 720-423-8530 English
Gatto, Emily 720-423-8321 Nurse
Goodman, Bethany 720-423-8334 Counselor 9th L-Z
Goodwin, Karina 720-423-8426 Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Grover, Nate 720-423-8349 Assistant Principal – CTE, AVID, ASC
Gwaltney, Lynnsey 720-423-8467 Social Studies
Hagerman, Brady 720-423-8553 Science
Hanna, Amanda 720-423-8360 Special Ed
Hanson, Amy 720-423-8578 Science
Hellrung, Katie 720-423-8538 English
Hepperly, Leah 720-423-8548 STS / Tech Support
Hernandez, Michael 720-423-8535 Social Studies
Holdman, Gemma 720-423-8301 Math
Hopeck, Rebecca 720-423-8438 Special Ed
Hornecker, Quinn 720-423-8448 Social Studies
Hostetter, Mandy 720-423-8499 Social Studies
Hudson, Casey 720-423-8487 English
Hudson, Jonathon 720-423-8373 World Lang
Johnson, Leigh 720-423-8325 Special Ed
Jones, Tevonnon 720-423-8314 School Resource Officer
Kane, Tania Special Ed
Kaplan, Noah 720-423-8560 Speech/Debate
Karsh, Howard 720-423-8452 Physical Ed
Kendrick, Jyl 720-423-8529 Social Studies
Kirschling, Paul 720-423-8439 World Language
Klein, Laura 720-423-8488 Visual Arts (Draw/Paint/Ceramics/AP)
Knack, Rebecca 720-423-8398 Vocal Music
Knauer, Tyler 720-423-8407 Science
Kneppe, Carrie 720-423-8527 Math
Kohuth, Steve 720-423-8357 Counselor
Lacy, Carly 720-423-8532 Social Studies
Lacy, Jeff 720-423-8328 Social Studies
LaFleur, Bonnie 720-423-8549 Counselor 9th A- K
Lawrence, Michelle 720-423-8372 L.R. Manager
Lovato, Joseph 720-423-8364 Attendance
Lowenkron, Aaron 720-423-8525 Math
MacDonald, Theresa (Tee) 720-423-8344 Activities Director
Madison, Todd 720-423-8542 English
Magloire, Nicole 720-423-8489 CTE  Coordinator
Marks, Roberta (Robbie) 720-423-8333 Library
Markson, Paul 720-423-8424 Social Studies
Matlock, Christopher 720-423-8326 School Rsrc Officer
Mattson, Connie DHH Interpreter
McCarthy, Sean 720-423-8558 Special Ed
McCourt, Emma 720-423-8454 Science
McCutcheon, Sharon 720-423-8339 Office Manager
McHugh, Chris 720-423-8572 Social Studies
McHugh, Susan 720-423-8323 Social Studies
Meils, Jakob 720-423-8575 English
Miller, Rachel 720-423-8384 Special Ed
Molina, Gener 720-423-8411 JROTC
Morales, Christina 720-423-8322 Treasurer
Moran, Ellie 720-423-8352 English
Murphy, Matthew 720-423-8338 Drama
Nagel, Daniel 720-423-8472 Math
Najmulski, John 720-423-8557 Assistant Principal
Nettleton, Lindsey 720-423-8420 DHH Interpreter
Newspaper Office 720-423-8393 Newspaper
Noble, Joel 720-423-8570 Wood / Engineering
Ortiz, Mario 720-423-8456 Academic Credit Recovery
Orwig, Allysa 720-423-8432 Science
Osgood, Cheryl 720-423-8401 Special Ed
Overby, Alexandra 720-423-8319 Visual Arts (Art History/Photo/AP)
Oxman, Keith 720-423-8366 Instrumental Music
Pacheco, Zack 720-423-8362 Facility Management
Perkins, Jessica 720-423-8444 English
Perlman, Meryl 720-423-8534 Social Studies
Perry, Karen 720-423-8420 DHH Interpreter
Peterson, Alicia 720-423-8514 Math
Peterson, Lance 720-423-8368 JROTC
Pham, Tung 720-423-8388 Instrumental Music
Philips, Deborah 720-423-8552 Social Worker
Rasay, Sarah 720-423-8355 World Lang
Rhone, Tamara Social Studies
Rich, Michelle 720-423-8500 Social Studies
Rivas, Angela 720-423-8577 Math
Rockette, Lafayette 720-423-8320 Facility Manager
Roy, Hannah 720-423-8573 Math
Sanchez Ramos, Alberto 720-423-8418 World Lang
Schieferecke, Meghan 720-423-8559 Physical Ed
School Spirit Store 720-423-8316 School Store via EAFAF
Seaholm, Shaun 720-423-8528 Social Studies
Security Desk – Lobby 720-423-8580 Security
Shaffner, Aaron 720-423-8455 Math
Short, Ryan 720-423-8361 Math
Sinclair, Eric 720-423-8336 Dean
Skarphol, Kristy 720-423-8505 Math
Smeester, Adam 720-423-8543 English
Smith, Lisa 720-423-8340 Science
Spratt, Elisa 720-423-8315 Psychologist
Sternberg, Jason 720-423-8392 English
Su, Erik 720-423-8404 Science
Summers, Jeremy 720-423-8518 Science
Tasker, Michael 720-423-8429 Athletics Assistant Director
Tauchman, Lauren 720-423-8435 World Lang
Taylor, Will 720-423-8422 Vocal Music
Tenorio, Annette 720-423-8474 English/Yearbook
Terry, Lindsey 720-423-8550 Counselor
Topf, Michelle 720-423-8466 English
Training Room 720-423-8451 Training Room
Tsutsui, Asako 720-423-8348 World Lang
Urbach, Rhonda 720-423-8423 Special Education Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Utsey, Wherda 720-423-8441 English
Valdez, Ronnee 720-423-8405 Social Studies
Vasquez, Luis 720-423-8490 World Lang
Velasquez, Gregg 720-423-8421 English
Vesceri, Lindsey 720-423-8310 Counselor
Vielhauer, Nick 720-423-8428 Science NICHOLAS_VIELHAUER@DPSK12.ORG
Voss, Deborah 720-423-8459 Drama
Waido, Thomas 720-423-8504 Math
Walker, Terita 720-423-8356 Assistant Principal
Wetzig, Jennifer 720-423-8435 Math
Whitney, Christina 720-423-8545 English
Whitney, Amanda Science
Wiggins,Corey 720-423-8494 Social Studies
Wilson, Myrna 720-423-8437 World Lang
Wimbs, Andrew 720-423-8447 Physical Education
Wise, Lee 720-423-8431 Science
Woods, Makala 720-423-8409 Science
Yamasaki, Kent 720-423-8400 Science
Youngquist, John 720-423-8370 Principal
Zal-Sanchez, Becky 720-423-8427 MHCD Therapist