Coronavirus Update

With the health and safety of our students and staff at the heart of this decision, DPS leadership has made the decision to offer both in-person and remote learning options. This means that some DPS staff are working remotely until further notice.

As a result, some contact information below is now different from the typical in-building access you have used.

Name Ext Position email
A+ Angels 720-423-8449
Abdullah, Iram 720-423-8337 Dean
Abney, Jill 720-423-8491 World Lang
Acker, Molly 720-423-8535 Visual Arts (Draw/Paint)
Ackley, Craig 720-423-8450 Visual Arts (Ceramics/AP)
Acosta Flores, Valeria 720-423-8509 ELA-Para
Acosta, Juan 720-423-8317 World Lang
Adams, John 720-423-8371 STR/Tech Specialist
Agoos, Samantha 720-423-8465 Science
Almon, Jonathan 720-423-8333 Library
Anderson, Lindsay 720-423-8564 Social Studies
Anderson, Shawne 720-423-8331 Assistant Principal
Anderson, Thomas 720-423-8476 Social Studies
Student Assistance Fund 720-423-8313 Student Assistance Fund
Arens, Aimee 720-423-8449 English
Awdziejczyk, Lauren 720-423-8477 Science
Baker, Aimee 720-423-8523 Visual Arts (Photography)
Behmke, Rebecca 720-423-8358 Counselor P – Sj
Berger, Emily 720-423-8489 CTE  Coordinator
Berry, Dwight 720-423-8346 Student Advisor
Bershof, Estee Visual Arts (Digital Arts)
Bierman, Meghan 720-423-8511 Math
Bonta, Diego 720-423-8495 Engineering
Breslin, Chavet 720-423-8386 Special Ed
Brown, Lindsay 720-423-8574 English
Brown, Patrice 720-423-8540 Counselor Ch- F
Bucher, Andrew 720-423-8482 English
Buddenhagen, Brain 720-423-8531 English
Calhoun, Mark 720-423-8414 MTSS Coordinator
Cardona, Aliyah 720-423-8595 Denver Scholarship Foundation
Castellano, Jason 720-423-8579 World Lang
Catbagan, Yvonne 720-423-8330 Registration Secretary
Chang, Ya-Wen 720-423-8522 World Lang
Chavez, Ilse 720-423-8350 Recquisitions
Clark, JJ 720-423-8544 English
Cleveland, Mallory 720-423-8508 Business
Clinic Front Counter 720-423-8378 Clinic
Cowel, Jenny 720-423-8520 Math
Craft, Savanah 720-423-8519 Math
Curran, Liz 720-423-8341 Counselor Sk – Z
Curtis,  Anita 720-423-8419 Psychologist
Davis, Dackri 720-423-8447 AP / Athletic Director
DeVoss, Jennifer 720-423-8412 Psychologist
Obregon, Cat 720-423-8440 English/Newspaper
Dillon, Fernanda 720-423-8442 Assistant Principal
Dirgo, Christopher 720-423-8584‬ Communications Specialist
Dodge, Lauren 720-423-8565 Prevention Specialist
Dunne, Alyssa 720-423-8324 Records // Counseling Support
Dysart, Brent 720-423-8561 Social Studies
Farlow, Paige 720-423-8468 Dance
Fax – Athletic Director 720-423-8381 Athletic Director
Fax – Attendance Office 720-423-8311 Attendance Office
Fehrman, Dylan 720-423-8354 Social Studies
Fieseler, Gordon 720-423-8513 Math
Frerichs, Rex 720-423-8563 Math
Friedman, Josh 720-423-8571 Science
Fulford, Matthew 720-423-8493 Social Studies
Fulford, Meredith 720-423-8443 English
Gaare, Charlie 720-423-8537 English
Gaffney, Tamara 720-423-8503 Math
Gallegos, Annetta 720-423-8345 Business Ed
Gamble, Pam 720-423-8374 Special Ed
Gardiner, Heather 720-423-8365 Social Worker
Garfinkel, Josh 720-423-8530 English
Gatto, Emily 720-423-8321 Nurse
Goodman, Bethany 720-423-8334 Counselor 9th L-Z
Goodwin, Karina 720-423-8426 Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Grover, Nate 720-423-8349 Assistant Principal – CTE, AVID, ASC
Gwaltney, Lynnsey 720-423-8467 Social Studies
Hagerman, Brady 720-423-8553 Science
Hanna, Amanda 720-423-8360 Special Ed
Hanson, Amy 720-423-8578 Science
Hellrung, Katie 720-423-8538 English
Hepperly, Leah 720-423-8548 STS / Tech Support
Hernandez, Michael 720-423-8535 Social Studies
Holdman, Gemma 720-423-8301 Math
Hopeck, Rebecca 720-423-8438 Special Ed
Hornecker, Quinn 720-423-8448 Social Studies
Hostetter, Mandy 720-423-8499 Social Studies
Hudson, Casey 720-423-8487 English
Hudson, Jonathon 720-423-8373 World Lang
Johnson, Leigh 720-423-8325 Special Ed
Jones, Tevonnon 720-423-8314 School Resource Officer
Kane, Tania Special Ed
Kaplan, Noah 720-423-8560 Speech/Debate
Karsh, Howard 720-423-8452 Physical Ed
Kendrick, Jyl 720-423-8529 Social Studies
Kirschling, Paul 720-423-8439 World Language
Klein, Laura 720-423-8488 Visual Arts (Draw/Paint/Ceramics/AP)
Knack, Rebecca 720-423-8398 Vocal Music
Knauer, Tyler 720-423-8407 Science
Kneppe, Carrie 720-423-8527 Math
Kohuth, Steve 720-423-8357 Counselor
Lacy, Carly 720-423-8532 Social Studies
Lacy, Jeff 720-423-8328 Social Studies
LaFleur, Bonnie 720-423-8549 Counselor 9th A- K
Lawrence, Michelle 720-423-8372 L.R. Manager
Lovato, Joseph 720-423-8364 Attendance
Lowenkron, Aaron 720-423-8525 Math
MacDonald, Theresa (Tee) 720-423-8344 Activities Director
Maddox, Audrey Spanish
Madison, Todd 720-423-8542 English
Magloire, Nicole 720-423-8489 CTE  Coordinator
Markson, Paul 720-423-8424 Social Studies
Mason, Jerald Student engagement advocate
Matlock, Christopher 720-423-8326 School Rsrc Officer
Mattson, Connie DHH Interpreter
McCarthy, Sean 720-423-8558 Special Ed
McCourt, Emma 720-423-8454 Science
McCutcheon, Sharon 720-423-8339 Office Manager
Meils, Jakob 720-423-8575 English
Miller, Micah 720-423-8570 Woods
Miller, Rachel 720-423-8384 Special Ed
Molina, Gener 720-423-8411 JROTC
Morales, Christina 720-423-8322 Treasurer
Moran, Ellie 720-423-8352 English
Morin, Jay Math
Murphy, Matthew 720-423-8338 Drama
Nagel, Daniel 720-423-8472 Math
Najmulski, John 720-423-8557 Assistant Principal
Nettleton, Lindsey 720-423-8420 DHH Interpreter
Newspaper Office 720-423-8393 Newspaper
Noble, Joel 720-423-8570 Engineering
Ortiz, Mario 720-423-8456 Academic Credit Recovery
Orwig, Allysa 720-423-8432 Science
Osgood, Cheryl 720-423-8401 Special Ed
Overby, Alexandra 720-423-8319 Visual Arts (Art History/Photo/AP)
Oxman, Keith 720-423-8366 Instrumental Music
Pacheco, Zack 720-423-8362 Facility Management
Perkins, Jessica 720-423-8444 English
Perkins, Kamaree 720-423-8390 Student engagement advocate
Perlman, Meryl 720-423-8534 Social Studies
Perry, Karen 720-423-8420 DHH Interpreter
Peterson, Alicia 720-423-8514 Math
Peterson, Lance 720-423-8368 JROTC
Pham, Tung 720-423-8388 Instrumental Music
Philips, Deborah 720-423-8552 Social Worker
Porteous, Raven 720-423-8335 Dean
Rasay, Sarah 720-423-8355 World Lang
Rhone, Tamara Social Studies
Rich, Michelle 720-423-8500 Social Studies
Rivas, Angela 720-423-8577 Math
Rockette, Lafayette 720-423-8320 Facility Manager
Roy, Hannah 720-423-8573 Math
Sanchez Ramos, Alberto 720-423-8418 World Lang
Schieferecke, Meghan 720-423-8559 Physical Ed
School Spirit Store 720-423-8316 School Store via EAFAF
Seaholm, Shaun 720-423-8528 Social Studies
Security Desk – Lobby 720-423-8580 Security
Shaffner, Aaron 720-423-8455 Math
Shavers, Larry 720-423-8413 Math
Short, Ryan 720-423-8361 Math
Sinclair, Eric 720-423-8336 Dean
Skarphol, Kristy 720-423-8505 Math
Smeester, Adam 720-423-8543 English
Smith, Lisa 720-423-8340 Science
Spratt, Elisa 720-423-8315 Psychologist
Sternberg, Jason 720-423-8392 English
Su, Erik 720-423-8404 Science
Summers, Jeremy 720-423-8518 Science
Tasker, Michael 720-423-8429 Athletics Assistant Director
Tauchman, Lauren 720-423-8435 World Lang
Taylor, Will 720-423-8422 Vocal Music
Tenorio, Annette 720-423-8474 English/Yearbook
Terry, Lindsey 720-423-8550 Counselor
Topf, Michelle 720-423-8466 English
Training Room 720-423-8451 Training Room
Tsutsui, Asako 720-423-8348 World Lang
Urbach, Rhonda 720-423-8423 Special Education Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Utsey, Wherda 720-423-8441 English
Valdez, Ronnee 720-423-8405 Social Studies
Vasquez, Luis 720-423-8490 World Lang
Velasquez, Gregg 720-423-8421 English
Vesceri, Lindsey 720-423-8310 Counselor
Vielhauer, Nick 720-423-8428 Science NICHOLAS_VIELHAUER@DPSK12.ORG
Voss, Deborah 720-423-8459 Drama
Waido, Thomas 720-423-8504 Math
Walker, Terita 720-423-8356 Assistant Principal
Wetzig, Jennifer 720-423-8435 Math
Whitney, Christina 720-423-8545 English
Whitney, Amanda Science
Wiggins,Corey 720-423-8494 Social Studies
Wilson, Myrna 720-423-8437 World Lang
Wimbs, Andrew 720-423-8447 Physical Education
Wise, Lee 720-423-8431 Science
Woods, Makala 720-423-8409 Science
Yamasaki, Kent 720-423-8400 Science
Youngquist, John 720-423-8370 Principal
Zal-Sanchez, Becky 720-423-8427 MHCD Therapist
Dackri Davis
AP / Athletic Director
Phone: 720-423-8447
Fe Dillon
Fernanda Dillon
Assistant Principal
Phone: 720-423-8442
Karina Goodwin
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 720-423-8426
Nate Grover
Assistant Principal – CTE, AVID, ASC
Phone: 720-423-8349