Denver East Angel Class of 2020, 

I am proud of you and I hope you and your families are well. 

I am proud of you because you are a class of unique individuals who have demonstrated great strength over time and continue to demonstrate that strength. You continue to be the class of perfect vision. 

In a big way, every staff member at East High School is sad and frustrated about our current reality. We miss seeing your faces every day and laughing and learning with you every day. While you may or may not be missing the chance to shake Mr. Anderson’s hand every morning, our campus is missing your presence and the presence of every Angel. 

I know that you have been looking forward to a lot and that a lot is unsure right now. Prom and graduation are two of the big ones that we cannot be certain of right now. I have not given up hope on either and I think we’ll have a better idea of how to plan forward in just a couple more weeks. 

This I do know now: no matter what, we will find the right ways to celebrate you and your powerful presence as Angels and graduating Seniors of Denver East High School. 

As the class of 2020, you see the importance of this moment, of staying healthy, and of keeping those around you safe from COVID 19. You also see beyond this into your incredible future. As a class that has always seen a bit beyond the troubles to the opportunities for success, I know that you understand the importance of furthering your plan and striving for success, no matter the challenge. It is that vision and determination that defines your class. 

For the moment, our world is different. And, in a moment, in a matter of days, you will have access to your teachers again. Even while it is on-line, the East staff can hardly wait for that moment. To re-create the connections that we have made is going to feel awesome. While the work will be different (on-line everything? Even AP tests? What?!), the learning will be of high value. Your teachers are now learning, and adjusting, to a remote learning context in order to complete this school year with meaningful and important learning experiences for you. Do remember that this remote learning is going to be new to all of us. We won’t be perfect at it, but we will be working hard and getting better at it for you and with you. 

So, while there is much we do not know and much that we will discover over the course of the next few weeks, there is also much we can count on. We can count on each other. We can count on the importance of being, and soon having been, an East Angel, and we can count on our ability to finish strong and to step into the greater world together. 

Keep working forward, keep striving forward, keep all around you safe and healthy, and we will re-connect with you soon. I cannot wait to celebrate you! 

Be amazing, Angels, 
Mr. Youngquist