Denver East Angel Class of 2020, 

I am thinking about you every day and I hope you and your families are well. 

Bored yet? After seeing several of our seniors at Chromebook pickup in the last week, there seemed to be consensus around a general level of boredom having set in. Even Tiger King isn’t really able to hold my attention any longer. 

We will do our very best to respond to that boredom with the remote learning system cranking up tomorrow (yes, tomorrow, 8:30 a.m.). Your teachers are incredibly excited to finally connect with you and I will do my best to drop by your classes during any “live” sessions! 

As you likely heard from Superintendent Cordova’s message, along with remote learning for the rest of the year, proms are cancelled and graduations and other typical celebrations will not happen as they have, or will at least be really different on-line experiences. While Jimmy Fallon’s “Prom with Your Mom” wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice (don’t be offended, moms), it is going to take some creativity and innovation to recreate some of the “live” experiences of past years in the virtual world. 

I know Tee’s head has been spinning around some great ideas- the reality is that we are a bit older (sorry, Tee, I was truly talking about me), and our ideas are limited by what we know from the past. Class of Perfect Vision, your minds have never been limited by what has been. Your brilliance, as a class, has been in creating your own direction and your own experience. We need your help to re-imagine a senior spring in the on-line context. 

I would like to take the next week or so to hear about and develop your ideas for what should be. Tee and I will be working with the real specialists in the area of excellent celebrations, our Student Council and awesome Head Girl Bella and Head Boy Luffy, in order to create what should be, with you and for you. For now, send your thoughts and ideas directly to me at, or just leave me a message at 720-423-8370, and I will forward your excellent ideas to our STUCO leadership. We will create the best ways to recognize and appreciate your excellence and importance as our Seniors. 

Class of 2020, seeing even just a few of you has reminded me of the power of your presence, the impact of your optimism, and your determination to move forward through challenge. Our current experience, as difficult and frustrating as it is, will continue to strengthen you and will soon be a part of what propels your launch into the successful futures that are directly in front of you. 

I do want to also note that during this really stressful time it could be helpful to talk with your counselor. We all need to talk about what we’re experiencing. Your counselor is there for you through the upcoming weeks, even when are at home. Feel free to email or give them a call. They would truly love to hear from you. 

I miss you and I cannot wait to see you on-line and to celebrate your successes together! 

Stay healthy, be determined, be our Angels, 

Mr. Youngquist