Are you ready to do something, as a senior, THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE?

We would like to invite our graduating seniors to an event in front of the “E.” We invite you to the Denver East Graduation Diploma Pick-up, occurring over two days on Wednesday, May 27th, and Thursday, May 28th.  

The very specific details related to this event are extremely important to follow.  Please, read every word of this announcement carefully!  We want to be certain that every participant remains healthy and safe and that every graduating senior has the opportunity to fully engage in the Diploma Pick-up experience.  

For our Diploma Pick-up, participating seniors must be in your cap and gown and wear a mask.  The only other people who may be present are school staff members and other people that are in the car with a graduating senior.  Family members and other visitors will not be allowed on school grounds, except for in the car with their senior.  Social distancing by staff members present will be required and enforced.

Because this is a huge senior class, with over 570 graduates, we are required to schedule the event over the course of two full days.  All seniors will be required to be in a car for the event and to arrive at the time that is identified for them.  The time for a senior to attend will be scheduled by alphabet (noted below).  

In preparation, feel free to decorate the vehicle, bring a small item (letter to your older self, senior photo, favorite mechanical pencil (what?), or anything else you deem appropriate, in an envelope with your name on it.  You will be able to place this item in a “time capsule,” to be opened at your class’ 10-year reunion!   

Here are the specific times for participation (you may come to line up no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your assigned time noted below):

 Note that you are not coming by “counselor,” but by “alphabet!

Time Wednesday, May 27 Thursday, May 28
8:30-9:30 A-Bi Mad-Me
9:30-10:30 Bl-Ca Mi-O
10:30-11:30 Ch-De P-Ro
11:30-12:30 De-F Ru-Si
1:30-2:30 G-Ha Sj-Van
2:30-3:30 He-J Var-Z
3:30-4:30 K-Mac

How to “line up” in your car:

No more than 30 minutes prior to your diploma distribution window, you will need to enter the student parking lot from Josephine St. ( west side of the parking lot between 16th and 17th).  Upon arrival at the lot, you will be directed by a staff member into a “line” that you will follow onto 16th, around the Esplanade and to the front of the school.  Seniors, and everyone else in the vehicle, are required to stay in their cars until the student is directed to exit the car for their “moment.”

During this experience you will:

  • Line up in a car in the student parking lot by the assigned time
  • Be escorted out of the parking lot on a short route to the front of the East High School
  • Exit your car at the direction of the staff member that will be in front of the “E”
    • This will be easier if  Senior is not driving the car
  • Clearly state your name to the “attendant” 
  • Drop a “time capsule” item in the time capsule, if you wish
  • Use a pen that we provide (and you may keep- very special) to sign the “E,” which will have been painted white in your honor
  • Have a cap and gown photo taken by a professional photographer in front of your school (one free 5 x 7 will be sent to you with the opportunity to purchase more)
    • Bring your diploma cover for the photo, if you would like!
  • Pick up these following awesome items at “the tent”:
    • Your Diploma (yes, your diploma!) 
    • Your Yearbook (if you have ordered one)
    • Your Class of 2020 Perfect Vision commemorative hat (it has the “eye”)
    • Your Graduation Program (with your name spelled correctly)
    • A Graduation ticket (it is very pretty)
  • Get back in your car and carefully drive away (saying “woo-hoo!”)

What about my family and friends?

As many family and friends  as can legally fit in your car are welcome to join you!  No family and friends will be allowed on the school grounds as observers.  The only person allowed outside of the car is the senior.  Photos may be taken from inside of  the car, but for the safety of all participants, passengers may notget out of the car to take photos or cheer.  

We are looking forward to sharing this moment with you. Please, e-mail me with any questions.  

See you next week!

Mr. Youngquist