With Remote Learning at Denver East starting in just a week, I want to provide you with an update and some suggestions on how to help ensure a strong start to the School Year!

Traditionally, we have had two experiences to bring our freshman class into our school.  These have been the “9th Grade Academy,” a four-day experience on-site, and the “Link Crew,” a program that connects 9thgraders with 11th and 12th graders who have been trained to engage new students in fun and connecting activities as Angels.

This year, we have combined both of these experience into one extended “Denver East 9th Grade Academy,” an opportunity to get to know Link Leaders and other new Angels immediately and, eventually, experience a priority entry into the “hybrid” context, allowing our newest Angels to be the first to reenter our school.  We are looking forward to that day, although we will be waiting until at least October 20th

The Denver East 9th Grade Academy will begin with a “Welcome to East” video.  The link to this video will be sent directly to your student through Schoology by Wednesday of this week.  Their first assignment as an Angel is view this video no later than this Friday!

During the next three days, we are training our Link Leaders (over 90 juniors and seniors), to welcome, connect to, and develop relationships with and between their Link Crew freshman (small groups of about 14). Starting on Wednesday, August 26th, 12:30-1:00pm, your student will join their Link Crew on-line every Wednesday until we are walking the halls of East High School together.  Your student will receive a personal invitation to their Link Crew meeting from their Link Leaders prior to the first meeting next week.  This invitation will come via the dpsk12.net email account and a GoogleMeet address will be provided in the e-mail for the weekly online sessions. 

Students who participate in all aspects of the Denver East 9th Grade Academy experience will have earned 2.5 credits toward graduation at the completion of the program

Please, use this week to both enjoy the “last week of summer,” and to prepare well for the start of Remote Learning on Monday.  Here are a few suggestions for preparation:

  • Make certain that you are able to access your class schedule and that you understand how that fits into the “Weekly Schedule A or B,” to which you have been assigned.  Check the Denver East website for more specific directions, if you need them
  • Be sure to complete the Annual Family Update; just because you see a schedule, or may have done School Choice Process, everyone must still complete this requirement. More details are available at http://schoolchoice.dpsk12.org/enrollment-registration/annual-family-update/
  • Students and parents should take the time to go to the student and parent portals to “practice access” to Schoology and the pages for each class
  • Check the East website for any required “Summer Reading,” and get moving on those assignments, if you have not already
  • Set up a work space somewhere in your home that will allow for a level of comfort as an on-line student
  • Most of all, it is time to get excited that you are now an East Angel!  Hey-lo-lo Hey-lo-lo Hey!!!

If you do not yet have a Chromebook (or other computer/device), or internet access that is sufficient to support fully remote learning from your home, click the “Request Technology” button found at east.dpsk12.net and we will provide you with what you need (or call 720-423-8300).

As always, feel free to call or email me directly with questions or ideas that you have. 

Looking forward to a great school year together! 

John Youngquist 


Eric Sinclair

9th Grade Academy Coordinator/Dean