The Equity Forum will be held on Thursday, Nov. 5th from 11:10am – 12:20pm (during lunch). The first part of the forum is dedicated to answering student-submitted questions from Equity Forum Survey and providing information regarding mandatory reporting, resources and support systems, Title IX, East’s administrative response, and student council. We will allow for time for students to address the speakers through the chat or by unmuting at the end.

This is not a space to report. Here are some resources that can support you:

  • RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
  • Safe2Tell Colorado: 1-877-542-7233
  • Blue Bench Sexual Assault Hotline: 303-322-7273
  • Denver East High School Health Clinic: 720-423-8378

By registering for this forum, you are agreeing to follow the norms to ensure we have a safe space to participate in the discussion:

  • Mics will be turned off until the discussion. When they are turned on please wait your turn to speak. Cameras may be on or off.
  • This is a safe space for everyone so please speak kindly and respectfully. This is also a space with mandatory reporters so keep in mind what you say may be reported.
  • This forum is being recorded so to ensure the privacy and legality of all topics please do not name names

To participate:

Watch the invitation from student leaders: