Happy New Year East Angels! 

I hope you had a fantastic Winter Break and that you and your family are staying healthy.  You really deserved a break after having completed the very first fully remote semester in the history of East High School.

My break was filled with family time, reading, and some fun!  I finished a great book titled The Shadow King, by Maaza Mengiste. I also got some skiing in and, yes, I did get that skateboard that Angels on Air helped me ask for (thank you Angels on Air- you’re awesome).   

Below, there are a few really important notes related to the beginning of the semester. Most students do have the same classes as 1st Quarter and we are using the same weekly schedule as 2nd Quarter, so that should be helpful. I know that your 1st Quarter teachers are looking forward to seeing you again!  

Most importantly, Angels, we miss being with you every day.  We know that there are still freshmen and other new Angels who have not had the chance to come into our school and get the feel of being together at East. So many of our sophomores and juniors, who know this place well, are looking forward to returning to be here together again. And, seniors, we are going to make this a special semester for and with you. You have experienced much as an Angel and you deserve every moment of appreciation and celebration that we will bring together as you continue to progress toward graduation and your futures, beyond.

Whether you are looking forward to returning to us as soon as our DPS Superintendent determines it is safe to do so, or you will be continuing online through this semester, know that we are thinking about you, we are seeing you, and we are appreciating you every day. You are an Amazing Angel and we are proud of you and thankful that you are a part of our incredible East High School.

Good luck as we start this new semester together!

Mr. Youngquist 

Important 3rd Quarter Information:

  • The first day of classes for the 3rd Quarter is Tuesday, January 5th
  • This quarter is starting in Full Remote with all classes online.
    • During this first week of 3rd Quarter, students do not have school on Monday, Jan. 4 (today), so… 
      • The first day of remote learning for 3rd Quarter will be Tuesday, January 5th
        • Tuesday, Jan. 5th you will go to the classes on your Monday schedule!
        • Wednesday, Jan 6, you will go to your Tuesday classes, etc., though the week.
    • We will follow the same plan for the week of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which will have no school on Monday, Jan. 18th.
  • Directions to find your class schedule and to find the weekly schedule are available athttps://east.dpsk12.org/news/2020/12/q3-schedule-information/ so you know what class you need to be present for and at what to show up online for your classes! Contact your counselor with any questions!
  • All students will have the same “A.M.” or “P.M.” schedule for 3rd and 4th Quarters that they had for our 1st and 2nd Quarters
  • Denver Public Schools is planning on having high schools begin to bring students who have selected the “Hybrid In-Person” option back to the school building around January 19th.  That all depends on the Covid numbers at that time, but we will provide you with more information about this in January