As we enter into quarter 2 and the hybrid learning model East will be paperless in the classroom and students will need a chromebook, laptop, or other device to bring with the to in-person learning sessions.  If you need a device, we will have chromebooks available for your student to check out.  Please, complete the Request Technology survey at and we will help to ensure that your Angel has what they need for in-person learning.

Due to the complexity of adapting our school-wide schedule to support both in-person and 100% virtual learning models, confirmed schedules will be available by October 16th, with a likelihood that we will have them available for you and your Angel earlier than that.  Note that if you are scheduled to be at school for in-person learning, we are 95% certain that the classes you had planned for are the ones you will have on your schedule (although, there may be some teacher changes). If you elected for 100% virtual classes, as has been referenced since August, there is a limited selection of courses available and you will likely have most of the classes you had requested, with certain teacher changes.  

There will not be a special schedule for the end of this quarter or for finals.  Students will continue with the remote schedule, synchronous and asynchronous through October 16th. Teachers will require end of quarter assessments and projects to be completed, as assigned, during that week.

All student grades will be updated by noon on Monday. Check Parent Portal to review grades and if necessary have an important conversation with your Angel as we approach the end of the 1st Quarter.

Parent-teacher Conferences

Denver East will not have the typical scheduled Conferences afternoon in this remote-learning context. We are offering the following in lieu of the traditional conferences:

  • Teachers are contacting students and parents for conversation when students have D’s and F’s heading toward the end of this 1st Quarter (grades will be updated in the Parent Portal by the end of the day on Monday- review those grades and plan forward with your students)!
  • Feel free to contact a teacher for a time to meet, if there is a specific concern for your student that you need to solve for with the teacher.
  • Teachers will be sending welcoming communications to you and to students as we enter Quarter 2!

Featured Student Work

student spraypainting on sidewalk
Bluebird District HaikuCamille Davis, Class of 2021, recently installed her Haiku Project throughout the Bluebird District (from our campus to the Bluebird Theater). Thanks to a grant from Denver Arts and Venues, she gathered haiku poems from the community about the area to spray paint along the sidewalks. Kudos to Camille, her family, and the countless volunteers who helped with the install! If you didn’t get out last weekend because of the weather, you should definitely go check it out.

Student-produced Surveys

Three of our Angels are participating in a 19-week program called Youth Charge. This program is through Youth Roots. In short, it is a leadership development nonprofit that gives students experiences to help change the world through philanthropy. This program was advertised on a few weeks ago. They are now in the community needs assessment stage where they are sending forms out to the community to get their input and insight. Your assistance is appreciated.

Upcoming Events

  • 8th Grader Virtual Open House Night – Oct. 6, 2020 – More information will be available at 
  • ELA PAC Meeting Oct. 13, 6pm
  • No School for Students Oct. 16, 19 – 20
  • 2nd Quarter classes will begin on Wednesday, October 21st.
  • Oct. 27 – SAT – Seniors only, in-building, and no classes (remote or in-person) for grades, 9, 10, and 11. More information to come.
  • Oct. 29 – PSAT – Juniors only, in-building, and no classes (remote or in-person) for grades 9, 10, and 12. More information to come.

The first ELA PAC meeting has moved to Tuesday, October 13th at 6pm, and will still be virtual. More information regarding ELA and  Instructions on how to access the meeting will be available on our website under the “Get involved” Tab on the homepage.

Post-Secondary Information

Colorado Free Application Day is October 13. Submit your application between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on October 13th and you can apply for free to any public institution in Colorado and many private institutions as well. More information is at

The Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists will be offering a Math Enrichment Program and SAT/ACT College Preparatory courses online this Fall beginning on October 12.  For more please visit the information visit the CABPES website at

You can attend the Virtual College Fair at or the RMACAC Fair on October 14th at 6-8pm.  Students can sign up at

Community News and Resources

Each Friday for all of October The Denver Dream Center will have a huge distribution of produce coming in. Each box has a mixture of items such as apples, oranges, blueberries, plumbs, grapes, potatoes, green peppers, etc. Pick up will be at the Pepsi Center in the Corolla lot from 9-12am. More information and you must register in advance to attend at:

East School-Based Health Center is open to all DPS students for both in-person and telehealth appointments for both new and existing patients. Health services are provided at NO COST to all DPS families! We now have Flu Shots! For in-person appointments, we are taking every precaution to keep our clinics clean and patients safe. Register now with our convenient eConsent link:!