Semester 1 grades are now available in the Student and Parent Portals!  

During Semester 2, you will be able to access a more comprehensive and updated view of student grades and assignments in Schoology. Below are resources for setting up Schoology at home and additional resources to help you support you and your child during this transition. You will access Schoology through your DPS Parent Portal account at

If you have any questions, feel free to email

Transitioning to in building presence for “Hybrid In-Person” Students:

As you are likely aware, all high schools have been given the following direction by Interim Superintendent Dwight Jones: 

  • Begin Center and Priority Student programming on Monday, January 11th
  • Begin to transition toward the hybrid schedule for all “In-Person” students on January 19th
  • Have the Hybrid In-Person schedule in place by February 1st  

Transition to Hybrid In-Person Calendar:

  • Week of January 11:
    • Special Education Center Program students start
  • Week of January 19th:
    • Remote Schedule- students will attend the Monday-Thursday class schedule on-line on Tuesday-Friday, due to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on January 18th
  • Week of Jan 25th: 
    • We will begin to transition to hybrid with two “in-person” days
    • Monday will be “Hybrid In-Person” for periods 1 and 2
    • Tuesday and Wednesday will be “Full-Remote”
    • Thursday will be “Hybrid In-Person” for periods 2 and 4
    • Friday will be reserved for preparation into four days of “Hybrid In-Person” starting Feb. 1
  • Week of February 1:  
    • Hybrid In-Person schedule through the week.  We will have the exact same schedule we have been following, but “synchronous” time is “in-person” 
  • More information, including Health/Safety and Entry/Exit Protocols will be sent soon
  • Again, note that all weekly and daily schedules will remain the same in Hybrid In-Person with “synchronous” time now “in-person” time for students attending in-person
  • Students in the “100% Virtual” program will experience no time changes in their schedules 

Watch this POWERFUL interview representing our choir students and our great choir program:

Important Dates:

School of Choice Round 1 opens Jan 15 

Visit for information the DPS Choice process and for Live Online Events for Prospective East Parent and Students we will offer the following opportunities, all of which provide the same information:

  • Tuesday, January 12th 6:30- 8:00 pm (breakout rooms 7-8 pm)
  • Tuesday, January 26th 6:30-8:00 pm (breakout rooms 7-8 pm)
  • Friday, January 29th 10:30 am-12:00 pm (breakout rooms 11-12)
  • Tuesday, February 9th 6:30-8:00 pm (breakout rooms 7-8 pm)

COVID-19 Information and Resources

DPS is pleased to announce we are expanding our partnership with COVIDCheck Colorado to offer our free COVID-19 testing for students to support a safe return to school.  Our full community of students and staff will now be able to take a baseline COVID-19 test before coming back to school, and then we will be able to offer an ongoing COVID-19 student screening test every other week.

Registering for testing can be completed at any of COVIDCheck Colorado’s testing sites via this link.  We encourage everyone, unless you have tested positive in the last 90 days, to take a baseline test in the new year. The tests are free, fast, and reliable. You can see an updated list of testing sites here including sites at DPS schools at the Montbello campus, Abraham Lincoln Campus, North HS Campus, All City Stadium and a new site at George Washington HS. The test will be completed via nasal PCR test or SalivaDirect™, and results will be returned within 36-72 hours.

At any time, your family and your student can schedule a test at existing CCC sites using the community link:

Wednesday, February 3rd is National Letter of Intent Day, or “signing day,” for athletes that will be playing a sport in college. Some of you have already signed, or about to sign, and some will sign on the 3rd. Whatever the case, we want to celebrate you as you move on to the next level in your sport. Here is what I will need from you: A picture, a BRIEF bio sighting your academic/athletic accomplishments, also, include your sport and the school where you have signed to play. We would love it if you wore a hat, t-shirt, or sweatshirt that represents your college or university.