This has been a difficult week.  A difficult week for our Asian community and our community as a whole.  Today we had the opportunity to be with and to listen to some of the members of our Asian Pacific Student Alliance.  The young people and their teacher-sponsor, Dr. Chang, represented the fear that so many are experiencing, the sadness they are feeling, and the need that they have to feel more safe and more understood in our world.  

The events in Georgia, the hate-filled and tragic attacks on the Asian community, are events that we must respond to with the strongest message that hate has no place here.  The presence of hate and hate-filled actions toward the Asian community need to be stopped and acted upon in ways that matter to our students and in our world.  

Thank you, Angel families, for being present and caring for our Asian students, staff members, families and friends.  By taking care of each other we create a great experience together.  Let’s continue to work together, even better, to ensure that caring and love conquer hate in our school. 

As we have concluded our 3rd Quarter of the school year, students who are being acknowledged for their academic achievements will receive Honor Roll, Halo Award, and Academic Letter certificates in the mail over the course of the next week! These awards are based on academic outcomes at the end of the 1st semester and there will be an additional round of awards granted at the end of this semester!

Featured Student Work

A Conversation Related to Weighted and Unweighted Grades has been developing with our students and staff and we would like to hear your perspective.  Please, respond to the survey at the following link to provide your thoughts on this topic to our Black Excellence Plan committee focusing on Weighted and Unweighted Grades:  BEP-Weighted/UnweightedGradesSurvey

Important Dates

  • March 22nd-26th School Picture this Week – Lifetouch will take photos during period 1 on Monday and Wednesday. Masks will be required, as usual, however will be taken down/off just to take the photograph. All processes and protocols for health and safety will be maintained in this process.
  • March 29th-April 4th Spring Break
  • April 5th Teacher Planning Day with no classes on Monday
  • April 6th-9th Monday-Thursday schedule will occur Tuesday-Friday

Denver East Testing Schedule- Week of April 12, 2021

Testing room assignments TBD. This week is an asynchronous (independent work) week, with no online or in-person classes. Only testing will be occurring at school.

April 12
April 13
April 14
April 15
April 16
Time 8:00am
– 11:15am
-12:30pm *
– 11:30am
– 11:15am

* Essay portion will add time.


10th and 11 grade students will complete a pre administration session for SAT and PSAT10. There is an optional section if you choose to have your student fill out.  The questionnaire includes basic information about the student (name, school, grade level, state student ID, sex, and date of birth) along with optional questions about student interests.

College Board uses these answers from the optional questions for various purposes, including connecting students to colleges and scholarship opportunities. Student or parent consent is required to participate in the optional questionnaire portion of PSAT 10 and SAT.

Please review with your student and have your student sign and bring this form to school the day of their test 

  • SAT -11 grade April 13th
  • PSAT10 – 10th grade April 14th

If you have question, please contact

Is your student interested in taking Concurrent Enrollment Courses at the local college during the Fall 2021 Semester?  Are you wondering what Concurrent Enrollment even is?  It is an opportunity for students to take college classes while in high school and have the district pay for the tuition.  Please click on the below link to learn more information about the opportunity and to see what steps a student will need to follow in order to get registered for courses starting in the Fall 2021  

Summer Opportunity for Concurrent Enrollment classes through DPS.  

There will be several Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Courses available this summer offered by our Denver Public Schools.  These courses will be taught by DPS teachers who are adjunct professors at the local community college.  Students are eligible for these courses if they have met the prerequisites (varies by course), completes the DPS process, and the tuition will be covered but students will have to pay for their own textbook and materials.  Every course listed is subject to change depending on staffing, interest and availability.  Please fill out this form if you are interested.  

Potential Courses:

  • ENG 121 College Composition 1
  • LIT 115 Introduction to Literature
  • MAT 120 Math for Liberal Arts
  • MAT 121 College Algebra
  • MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • ETH 200 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • Other courses as adjunct instructors express interest

Athletics and Activities

We have two STATE CHAMPIONS and more!

State Playoffs:

  • Boys Basketball – made it to the 1st round and lost to Mullen in a heart-breaker
  • Girls Wrestling – 2nd place in Regionals and 5 wrestlers competed at State: Kiona Conner, Shayla Gallegos, Izzy Resendez, Kiana Suro, Eva Todd
  • Boys Wrestling – Jose Cerda, Armando Garcia
  • Girls Diving – Morgan Manly finished 5th, and JuJu Read finished 13th

State Champions

  • Boys – 132 weight class Armando Garcia 
  • Girls – 111 weight class Izzy Resendez 

Last weekend Model UN competed in the Mexico City International Model UN competition through Zoom and had two competitors place. These are our international winners: Annette Honey Hochstadt won Best Delegate (1st) and Gabriel Nagel who won 4th for Best Position Paper. 


Denver Public Schools is excited to invite all our English Language Acquisition (ELA) families to a virtual Multilingual Education DAC meeting on Wednesday, March 24 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. At this meeting you will receive information about how trauma affects you and your child as well as learn about opportunities to participate in feedback sessions to have your voice heard within the district! To join the meeting on Mar. 24 at 5 p.m., use this link:

Girls Inc presents Leadership Out Loud…

CABPES Table Talks presents: Empowered Women Empower the World – CABPES’ female Board members and volunteers will host an open-discussion event focusing on the empowerment of girls in the STEM industry. Speakers will share their personal stories, offer advice on navigating as a woman in a male-dominated industry and facilitate discussion about the journey to becoming successful, empowered women. March 23rd 6:30 – 8pm.  Register at

The East Sustainability Club has partnered with the nonprofit Tree-Plenish to plant trees in our East community, replacing our school’s annual paper usage. We hope to plant 300 trees and we need your help. You can pre-purchase a tree to be planted in your yard; trees are just $5 and will be delivered to your house and planted in a designated area by volunteers on April 24th. To learn more or order a tree, please see the link in the email version of Friday news. 

Angel Packs are now available in the Grab and Go area of the Commons every Wednesday! Grab one if you and your family are in need of a little extra food for the weekend. Each pack contains pasta, sauce, tuna, mac & cheese, canned vegetables, fruit and beans. Look for the gray bins just inside the double doors!