As you heard over the past two weeks, Terita Walker has been serving as Acting Principal of East high as part of her Principal in Residence program with Learn to Lead. Mr. John Youngquist will return on Monday, March 8. She has expressed her gratitude to the East Community for providing her with such an incredible experience!

Our staff and students had an awesome spirit week; we appreciate your support! 

March is Women’s History Month, Music Education Month, and Art Youth Month. To celebrate we’re constantly sharing cool throwback performances, quotes from staff and alumni, and playing fun music hits during our student announcements, and more. Check out our social media if you’d like to contribute to the rich story and community that make us the proud Angels of Denver East.

Important Dates:

  • March 11 – CU Denver Event regarding the 1-year anniversary of covid and the start of remote learning.
  • March 12 – End of the 3rd Quarter
  • March 13- Angelaires Virtual Choir Concert @ 6pm
  • March 14- Daylight Savings
  • March 15 – Deadline for April national registration (see below)
  • March 29-April 2 Spring Break!


Our Girls and Boys Wrestling Teams are going to the Region Tournaments this weekend and hoping to make it to the state playoffs. Our basketball teams will learn Monday if they are seeded into the state tournament.

This week and early next week are the start to Boys Soccer, Field Hockey, Football, Gymnastics and Volleyball. If your child is interested in trying out for any sport please visit, upload a new sports physical, and contact the coach for tryout information.


This year, the Colorado Department of Education expects schools to administer state tests (CMAS, PSAT, and SAT) to all students in person, regardless of whether each individual student attends school in-person or remotely. There will not be a remote testing option, so all students must come into the school to take tests. 

The testing period for Denver East High School will run from April 12th through April 15th. If you would like resources for testing or to opt-out you can find more information at During this time, our Seniors will not have classes. Classes will resume for all students on April 15th with Periods 1 & 2 and periods 3 & 4 on Friday, April 16th. 

Community News and Resources

Help Denver Public Schools Evaluate New School Applications!

DPS is looking for parents and community members to review applications from new district-run and charter schools this April and May. Most years, DPS receives applications from groups and organizations who are passionate about offering new educational opportunities to Denver students, and DPS needs the perspectives of parents and community members to determine whether those schools could be high-quality options for students. This year, we anticipate needing just one or two volunteers, but we would also love to add more interested parents and community members to our list for the future. DPS will provide training and support to participants remotely, and no experience is required. If you are interested in participating, please complete this interest form, and someone from DPS will contact you by Friday, Mar. 12 with more details. To learn more about how DPS evaluates new school applications, please visit this site.

Health and Wellness

Student Group Offerings for Quarter 4: If you feel your student could benefit from any of the following groups please email our school health professional, Lauren Nichols at by no later than Wednesday, March 10th. All groups will occur virtually, during asynchronous time, one time per week. Day and time are TBD based on interest. 

  • Anxiety Management Group (6 weeks): CBT focused group to increase knowledge and skills around anxiety.
  • Anger Management Group (6 weeks): Skills-based group to increase communication skills and anger reduction skills.
  • Nicotine Cessation Group (7 weeks):  This group provides psychoeducation, increases coping skills, and promotes sobriety sampling with the overall goal of nicotine reduction or sobriety.
  • Grief Group (7 weeks): Designed for students who are grieving the death of a loved one. This group will center around processing, increasing skills, and healing.

Link Crew 

Link Crew is seeking students who are: 

  • Juniors & Seniors
  • Positive role models
  • Looking for leadership, communication, organization and problem-solving skills
  • Can commit to lead Freshmen Orientation day and year-long events to promote, support & build relationships

The Link Crew class is designed to empower upperclassmen as role models for freshmen, enabling them to pass on positive traditions and school culture to younger students. The Link Crew class aims to develop students’ leadership skills, especially in the areas of communication, organization, and problem-solving.

To sign up visit:


Progress reports are on their way – make sure you connect with teachers as staff will email families and students. Grades will close next week.

Grades 9-11 have started the choice of studies process, if your students have not received communications about this please have them check Schoology. All information has been posted in Schoology.

If you’d like to see what 9th and 10th Graders receive at a Choice of Studies meeting, please view a brief video here:

College and Career Events and Fairs

BigFuture events are meant for high school sophomores and juniors, but younger and older students are welcome. We also encourage parents/guardians to join along with their students.

  • BigFuture Days Northeast: Sunday, March 7, 4:00-8:00 PM ET/1:00-5:00 PM PT
  • BigFuture Days West + Southwest: Tuesday, March 30, 5:00-9:00 PM ET / 2:00-6:00 PM PT
  • BigFuture Days Midwest: Sunday, April 18, 4:00-8:00 PM ET / 1:00-5:00 PT
  • BigFuture Days Southeast: Thursday, April 29, 5:00-9:00 PM ET / 2:00-6:00 PM PT

For more information visit:

Midwest College Showcase – April 6-8. For more information visit:

Community Events

I’m Still Standing: Parent Support Through COVID-19. 1 Year Anniversary of School Shutdown Edition. Thursday 3/11/2021 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. Topics: What have we learned so far? What is the road ahead? Let’s talk about it. Registration is required for this free event. Please fill out this 5-to 10-minute survey by 3/4/2021 to help guide the talk: and to participate visit: Email questions to Scott Cypers at and check CU Johnson Depression Center website at for other free, virtual training opportunities or to find the links.

College and Career Success

Looking for a summer internship in business or engineering? Come hear about the CareerLaunch Internship Program on March 10th @ 4pm – Students who participate in the internship program gain valuable work experience, strengthen their college applications, develop connections with professionals in the industry and so much more! Click the link to register and receive an invite to the event:

Attention Sophomores and Juniors! Are you looking for a job that could lead to a career? We held the DPS Youth Apprenticeship Program on March 4th and have posted a recording of the meeting here: Grounded in the comfort and support of your high school, apprentices continue taking classes while getting paid to work for one of the following industries: business operations, financial services, IT, advanced manufacturing and more! Be sure to check out the video and email for more information.

Interested in music or the arts? The LYNX National Arts and Media Camps are summer immersion programs for high school students interested in music and the arts hosted by the University of Colorado Denver. The camps are designed to provide students with an educational preview of the college programs offered in the College of Arts & Media while also providing students with an inspiring and memorable summer camp experience. Click the link to apply and learn more about the camps: Priority Application Deadline is March 15th!

Interested in the film industry and want to hear from a real Hollywood Film Editor? Please join us on Friday, March 19th @ 3:00pm for a fun virtual session to meet James Andrykowski, who has worked for more than 30 years as a First Assistant Editor on dozens of big Hollywood movies including Remember the Titans and Captain America: Civil War! Click the link to register and receive an invite to the event:

Space is limited, so don’t hesitate to sign up!


Angel Packs

Angel Packs are now available in the Grab and Go area of the Commons every Wednesday! Grab one if you and your family are in need of a little extra food for the weekend. Each pack contains pasta, sauce, tuna, mac & cheese, canned vegetables, fruit, and beans. Look for the gray bins just inside the double doors!

Have a great weekend and Go Angels!