Next Week, the week of April 12, is State Testing Week.  Because of the number of tests we have and the number of students that we have taking the tests, the entire week will be an asynchronous week and there will be no classes with your teachers either on-line or at school.  Your teachers will assign you work to do independently during all of next week.  

This should feel like a whole lot of independent work for next week- that should be the reality so that you can stay on track and complete the full coursework for each class by the end of the quarter.

Please, pay close attention now so that you know the testing schedule for next week.  Note that students taking state tests will be taking them in person at East High School. 

  • There is no state testing on Monday because the state canceled the high school CMAS test.
  • Juniors will take the SAT on Tuesday, April 13th – Arrive by 7:45 
  • Sophomores will take the PSAT 10 on Wednesday, April 14th – Arrive by 7:45 
  • Freshman will take the PSAT 9 on Thursday, April 15th – Arrive by 7:45 

There is no state testing on Friday and, again, there are no remote or in-person class periods, aside from testing, at any time during testing week.

Students will receive an email in their account, the day before each test, with information including the time, and assigned room number for their test next week! Information can also be accessed at

After the testing week, we are going to be continuing with the exact same schedule that we have been on all semester, with Monday-Thursday  a.m. and p.m. hybrid class sessions and Fridays as synchronous days. 

The sophomore class of 2023 will be selling the class sweatshirts and bucket hats on Wednesday the 14th after testing. The sweatshirts will be $25 and the bucket hats are $10 out on the E, Cash or check only.

Link Crew is looking for current Sophomores and Juniors who are interested in becoming a mentor to the Class of 2025.

East High Link Crew helps run Freshman Orientation and has several connection points with ninth graders throughout the year to support them through in the transition to high school.Please share this link with your Sophomores and Juniors who would make a good role model.

The East Student Board of Education team is looking to expand and gain team members willing to work on our current project to revise Sexual Assault Reporting policy and reporting across the district. This year our team made great connections and built alliances with people within our district and across the country to better understand Title IX policy on sexual assault reporting. We are currently working to revise our district communications to better reach those who need access to resources.

We are looking for students interested in continuing our work into next school year, have strong student voice and are passionate about social justice. You must be able to commit to weekly East SBOE team meetings and bi-monthly meetings with student leaders from across the district.

If you are interested please click here.

Great News! Our East students ages 16-18 can now get the Covid-19 vaccine! We are able to get them scheduled at a Denver Health location.  The student needs to be consented with the School based Health Clinic prior to getting an appointment.  Once they are consented they just need to call the School-based health clinic for appointment information.  If you have any questions please call your East School based Clinic at 720-423-8378.

We are also continuing to complete COVID19 testing at East. We are selecting random students from classes on Wednesdays for testing. Students that don’t get tested on Wednesday, athletes, and virtual students can get tested on Fridays from 10:00am-12:00pm. Testing takes place in the Panek gym lobby. Students can enter through the double doors in the north courtyard near the softball fields. For more information visit

One final note from the Clinic, Girls soccer season is approaching don’t forget that you can get your sports physical at the East SBHC.


Congratulations to some of our recent student scholarship recipients!

  • Daniels Fund – award of $25,000 a year:  Julia Lo 
  • Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship – full ride to University of Colorado Boulder: Andrew Johnson
  • Boettcher Scholarship – full ride to any In-State College:  Nolan Baker & Zeyta Wilson-DeHerrera
  • Please have your student share their scholarship and acceptances so that we can recognize the incredible success of our seniors!  Email to Theresa_MacDonald.  

Why is the PSAT/SAT helpful for my Student?

  • Next week’s exam will be an opportunity for your student to gain experience and practice on the SAT.  The SAT is a college entrance exam that the colleges and universities use to evaluate applicants for admissions and scholarships.  
  • The PSAT is a Practice SAT and students will receive a detailed score report that can inform their studying for the real SAT.  Khan Academy has the option to link the PSAT results and it will build a FREE on-line test prep course for your child that takes into account their academic strengths and areas of growth.
  • The SAT (test for 11th grade) can be sent to colleges and universities to meet admissions requirements.  It will also allow 11th graders to reach their Competency graduation requirement in both English and Math.
  • The scores that students receive WILL NOT BE ON YOUR CHILD’S TRANSCRIPT.  
  • Have more questions?  Please contact your student’s counselor!


The Substance Prevention Program’s Activity Calendar for the month of April can be found here. This month’s calendar highlights a fun activity each day that can be done with your family at home. Please share out with families and anyone else who might benefit from this resource.

The FACE Center is excited to begin Spring sessions of ESL, GED, Parent to Para and Conversational Spanish classes. For more information please visit the FACE wesbite.

Do you have a high school student off to college soon? College brings many new experiences and parents can help guide their students by having pro-active conversations about the new challenges they will face. On April 21 at 12 p.m., a panel of experts will join the DPS Prevention team for the Lunchtime Webinar Series to address strategies for talking with your teen about the health and safety risks of marijuana and alcohol and provide insight on how to help your child find mental health support on campus. Sign up here.