The school will contact parents regarding student attendance problems and will respond with the appropriate consequences when absences become problematic. Parents can request their student’s attendance report from the Attendance Office and an attendance report can be obtained from the student’s Infinite Campus account or via the Parent Portal. 

To excuse an absence (select one option to excuse each absence):

When a student has 5 or more days of excused absences, or 5 days of the same period in a semester, the attendance clerk will contact the dean to see if there is a significant concern regarding the students’ attendance. 

All “excuses,” must include:

  1. parent/guardian’s name
  2. The name and ID number of the student 
  3. The date(s) of the absence 
  4. The reason for the absence 
  5. A telephone number where the parent can be contacted during the school day

Please communicate excused absences to the East Attendance Office prior to the absence or the day of the absence. 

Partials: Students may not leave school early without approval from the Attendance Office or Dean’s Office PRIOR to leaving. The Attendance Office will confirm all written notes. Partials for illnesses will be handled through the nurse or the Dean’s Office when the nurse is not available. 

Unexcused absences: Unexcused absences will be responded to with the appropriate level of behavioral consequences in the form of an attendance contract. 

Consequences for unexcused absences may include:

Tardy/Late Policy

Students are required to be in class when the tardy bell rings. At East High School, there is a four-minute warning bell and a five-minute tardy bell. When the five-minute tardy rings, the teachers are instructed to close the door and begin their lessons. 

Unexcused Tardies

When students arrive to class after the tardy bell without a written excuse, it will be deemed an unexcused tardy. 

  1. When a student accumulates an excessive number of unexcused tardies, they will be contacted by a dean or a student engagement advocate. 
  2. Any unexcused tardies after the initial conference will result in the student being assigned to consequences identified for unexcused absences. 

Hall Sweep

A “hall sweep” is a clearing of the hallways whereby late students are directed into the auditorium to assess and review attendance concerns. The purpose of hall sweeps is to encourage students to attend classes on-time and to avoid the disruption of the learning process. Students involved in hall sweeps will be assigned the following consequences:

  1. First offense: verbal warning
  2. Consequences assigned by a Dean