Meet Our Staff

Name Title Department Email Phone
Rebecca Behmke School Counselor, 10-12 Rh-To Counseling 720-423-8358
Patrice Brown School Counselor, 10-12 Ci-F Counseling 720-423-8540
Liz Curran School Counselor 10-12 Tp- Z, 9-12 AVID Counseling 720-423-8341
Danette Gonzales Records Administrator Counseling 720-423-8324
Holly Hyosaka School Counselor, 10-12 Mi-Re Counseling 720-423-8351
Steven Kohuth School Counselor, 10-12 A-Ch Counseling 720-423-8357
Bonnie Lafleur School Counselor, 9th Grade A-Z Counseling 720-423-8549
Jazmin Rodriguez School Counselor, 9th Grade L-Z Counseling 720-423-8334
Lindsey Terry School Counselor, 10-12 K-Me Counseling 720-423-8550
Lindsey Vesceri School Counselor, 10-12 G-J, Exchange Students Counseling, School Leadership 720-423-8310

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The Denver Scholarship Foundation makes college possible for thousands of Denver Public Schools’ graduates each year. For many students in Denver, continuing their education beyond high school doesn’t seem like a viable option.

Most often, it’s not low grades or lack of extracurricular activities keeping them from pursuing their dreams. There are thousands of intelligent, hard-working individuals facing the most intimidating barrier to college of all – they think it just isn’t possible. But the Denver Scholarship Foundation is changing that. We’re making college possible for Denver’s students.