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Competency Options Explained

What does it mean to demonstrate competency?

It means being able to show that you’ve learned certain skills, abilities and concepts, and that you are able to apply them in the real world. You not only understand an idea or skill, you are also able to build on what you’ve been taught, and even feel comfortable explaining it to others. 

With any college work or job in your future, you will be asked to prove what you know, so in DPS we start that skill early. 

Why is it important?

The 2023 graduation requirements mirror what is expected for our students to be successful in college, career training or the workplace. In Colorado, 53% of students in two-year colleges and 20% of students in four-year colleges have to take remedial courses, which are designed to catch up struggling students by helping them build core skills before tehy are able to take college-level courses. Not only does this mean a longer timeline towards degree completion, intensifying the potential for dropout, but it also means students incur additional tuition fees and debt. 

How can a student demonstrate competency?

In order to graduate from DPS, every student will demonstrate competence in English, math and/or career readiness by completing one or more items in the competence menu (scroll down to see the list of options). 

There are lots of ways to show what you’ve learned in school, which is why we created a flexible menu of options to demonstrate competency in English, math, and career readiness.

COMPETENCY OPTIONSEnglish Qualifying ScoreMath Qualifying Score
Next-Generation ACCUplacer241 Reading OR 236 Writing255 AR, 230 QAS, OR  245 AAF
AP Exams2 (Lang or Lit)2 (AP math)
Concurrent EnrollmentC- or Higher (Honors Thesis)C- or Higher
DPS CapstoneProficient or Higher in Informative & Argumentative essay writingSolve quadratic equations Solve system with 2 line equations Solve system linear equalities on a coordinated plane Create, integrate & predict w/ linear mode Represent quads in 3 forms Compare/contrast quadratic functions Solve right triangle w/ trigonometry ratios & pythagorean theorem
Student/Parent Portal & Google Technology Support (English)

Step 1- Set up your DPS Google/Gmail Account

To sign into your DPS Google account and to set up your DPS gmail ( account please go to this link: and click on the red “DPS Login” button in the middle of the page. From there you will be taken to a login screen. 

  • Username- student ID, Password- eight digit birthday (MMDDYYYY

  – unless you have had your password changed). 

**You will need to login to your DPS gmail account BEFORE being

  able to access your Schoology account

Step 2- Login to your Infinite Campus Student Portal/Parent Portal

Using the DPS student/parent portal, you can check your class schedule, grades, tardies, attendance, GPA and more!

  • Go to the DPS portal site:   
  • Click “Log in” to the Parent or Student Portal
  • Student Login Information
    • Username- Student ID #
    • Password- 8 Digit Birthday (MMDDYYYY)
  • Parents-  If you are new to DPS or have not yet set up your Parent Portal, please set up a new account and it can take up to two weeks to process at the district level. In the meantime please login to your student’s account using their login information. If you have any questions or issues please email Mr. Adams or Ms. Hepperly  
    • Once you are logged in to the portal, you can also access your student’s Schoology page. Click on “See All Apps” then click on “Schoology” to access your student’s current grades, missing assignments, and class resources

Step 3- Student Login to Schoology

  • Go to the DPS Schoology site: 
  • Login using your DPS Gmail Account  *You MUST login to your DPS Gmail/Google Account before you will be able to access DPS Schoology
    • Username- Student ID #
    • Password- 8 digit birthday (MMDDYYYY)
Student/Parent Portal & Google Technology Support (Spanish)

Paso 1- Configure su Cuenta de Google/Gmail de DPS

Para iniciar sesión en su cuenta de Google de DPS y configurar su cuenta de gmail de DPS ( por favor vaya a este enlace: y haga clic en el botón rojo “DPS Login” que se encuentra en la mitad de la página. Desde allí, lo llevará a una pantalla de inicio de sesión.

  • Nombre de Usuario- número de identificación de estudiante, Contraseña- fecha de nacimiento de 8 dígitos (MMDDYYY – a menos que haya cambiado su contraseña)

**Tendrá que iniciar sesión en su cuenta de gmail de DPS ANTES de poder acceder a su cuenta de Schoology

Paso 2- Inicie sesión en su Portal de Estudiante/Portal de Padre de Infinite Campus

¡Usando el portal de estudiantes/padres de DPS, puede verificar su horario de clases, calificaciones, tardanzas, asistencia, GPA y más!

  • Vaya al sitio del portal de DPS:
  • Haga clic en “Log in” en el Portal de Padres o Estudiantes
  • Información de Inicio de Sesión del Estudiante

o   Nombre de Usuario: número de identificación del estudiante

o   Contraseña: fecha de nacimiento de 8 dígitos (MMDDAAAA)

  • Padres- si es nuevo en DPS o aún no ha configurado su Portal de Padres, configure una nueva cuenta. El proceso a nivel del distrito puede demorar hasta dos semanas. Mientras tanto, inicie sesión en la cuenta de su estudiante utilizando su información de inicio de sesión. Si tiene alguna pregunta o problema, envíe un correo electrónico al Sr. Adams a o a la Sra. Hepperly a