Registration 24-25

SchoolChoice Round 2 will open on April 10, 2024.  Please visit the website.

Round 2 begins every year after families are notified of their Round 1 school placements, and ends in late August. Round 2 for the 2023-24 school year opens April 10th and ends Aug. 31st.

Round 2 is the first-come, first-served segment of SchoolChoice for families who missed Round 1, took part in Round 1 but want to re-explore their options, or are new to DPS for the next school year. Round 2 applications are available following Round 1 notifications by accessing your SchoolChoice account.

Who should submit a Round 2 SchoolChoice form?

Questions?  Please call our Hotline 720-423-3493

For Incoming Freshman 24/25 from a current DPS Middle School, parents can start becoming familiar with our website for information.  It will be updated periodically between now and June that will be helpful to you.

NEW 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th graders who haven’t been in DPS before, coming in from a Private School, Out-of-State or Out-of-District, visit our website at: to apply through the Office of Choice Enrollment Dept. 

9th Grade Academy will be early in August. Dates are still being confirmed.

WE NO LONGER OFFER IN PERSON SHADOWING AT EAST HS.  We now have a “Virtual Video Presentation” to tour our school on our website at  At the top of the page, scroll over to “Future Angels” then scroll down and click on the video.   

Our 9th Grade Counselors are: (A-K) and (L-M)

For Records:

For Transcripts:

ALL (NEW) Upcoming 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th not currently attending a DPS School will need to complete “Enrollment Forms” during our Walk-In Registration (in person) the 2nd Week in August of 2024 regardless, if you complete the First Round School-of-Choice application between mid-January & mid-February (2024) or Second Round School-of-Choice application or have picked classes in April or May and have been notified “accepted” for East HS (2024) school year. 


Parent(s) of current attending students that were at East HS last year, if you move during the school year please email a current Utility bill, Lease or Closing Statement with the student name and student ID number so I can update the system.  

Class Schedules & Questions, please email the student’s Counselor as their emails are on our website at