Student Assistance

The Student Assistance Fund is located on the 3rd Floor in the Library . The S.A.F. is at East High School to benefit the education of East students. We help with fees, materials, bus passes and books. If you qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch come by the Library and see how we can help you. You can email us at or text at 720-722-5664. We are open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, at lunch and after school.

Please feel out a Student Assistance Fund Application and turn into the Library.

Ellen Reath, SAF

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Nate’s Pass

Nate’s Pass is being provided to you by The Nathan Yip Foundation, a local non-profit organization founded in 2002, by Denver residents Jimmy and Linda Yip, after they tragically lost their only child, Nathan, in an automobile accident. Nathan, 19 years old, was a freshman at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Since Nathan’s death, the Yips have built a foundation in his name to provide educational access, empowerment and ongoing support to youth throughout the world. Nathan’s legacy lives on in the many projects, like Nate’s Pass, funded in his name.

Nate Pass allows the SAF to fund discounted RTD passes to East Students-this is also based on attendance and the SAF has the right to deny passes

Please feel out the Nate’s Pass Application and turn into the Library.

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