Senior Hub

Dates and Deadlines
  • For a full list of End-of-Year Senior Dates click here
    • Pass/Fail Day for Seniors – May 9th
      • On May 9th, each senior will have a P or F posted to their Infinite Campus gradebook (under the 4th 9 weeks) in each class. If a student earns a P, that means they have passed the class. Please be aware that a student’s percentage and letter grade can still change, but not their passing status for graduation. If your student earns a F, they have until noon on the 16th to work with their teacher and bring this grade up or they cannot attend checkout and they will not be in alphabetical order. If your student has not met all graduation requirements and check out criteria by May 17th at noon, they cannot walk with their class in graduation. 
      • This is also when BYU final transcripts are due and concurrent enrollment passing must be verified by completing this form.
    • Senior Ice Cream Social will be held May 12th. Ice cream provided with student ID. We will have games and a photo booth to celebrate college signing day.

Checkout & Required Steps
Senior Checkout:
Date: May 17th
Time: 7:30- 9:00 am

You must be passing all required courses 
You must have fully completed your 6-12th grade ICAP
You must have demonstrated competency in BOTH English and Math – If you have not met these requirements and are unable to checkout, you must contact your counselor to determine next steps. – If you complete all necessary work after checkout but before May 19th, you may be able to walk in graduation but you will NOT be in alphabetical order and your name will be read last.
  • ICAP Instructions
    • How to know you have completed your ICAP and can GRADUATE:
      • Log in to Student Portal, click on the “MY ICAP” Survey
        • You must have complete historic plans for 9-11th grade
        • You must have a complete plan for Senior Year Q1-Q4

More information about surveys and requirements to come.

Graduation and Rehearsal
  • Mandatory Rehearsal May 19th
    • Location: TBD
    • Time: 8am- Noon
  • Graduation Day May 23rd
    • Location: Denver Coliseum
    • Time: 4:00 pm
Concurrent Enrollment Transcript Process

If you are taking a CU Succeed class, you will need to order a college transcript to be sent directly to your school of choice.  Please click here.

If you were enrolled in Business 115/217 OR Creative Writing 211 you will need to visit this link and click on ‘Records.’ 

If you were enrolled in Japanese 111/112 you will need to visit this link.

Please contact your counselor if you have any questions!

The Cleworth LEAP Scholarship

The Cleworth LEAP Scholarship is a scholarship of up to $25,000, renewable annually for a maximum of four years (cumulative potential award of $100,000 to a single student).  The LEAP is awarded to an East High School senior who has been enrolled at East High school for at least 3 years and is based on outstanding overall academic achievement as determined by the following criteria.  The scholarship is intended to facilitate the recipient’s ability to make the ‘LEAP’ to continued excellence and enroll at the highest caliber postsecondary institution.  The recipient will be notified of the award in mid-April.

Students who are related to or have a financial relationship with a selection committee member or a current or former board member of the East High Angel Foundation are not eligible to receive the CLS. See the Senior Hub for the link to the application.If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ms. Vesceri at or Renee Ferrufino –

The EAFAF Scholarship

The EAFAF Scholarship is another great opportunity for seniors. The scholarship committee will award a variety of scholarships to graduating East seniors to be used for post high school education including 2-4 year colleges and vocational training institutions. The due date for this scholarship is March 29th. The application is available on the senior hub.
Please encourage your seniors to use the links provided to upload all of their college acceptance letters and scholarship awards; even if they will not be attending a school or accepting the scholarship. The information is tracked by the Denver Scholarship Foundation and the counseling center so that they can help direct future Angels.

College Acceptances:

Scholarship Wins: