Crisis Support

East offers individual, confidential crisis support from 11-12:30 every school day (on student contact days only). Crisis support and consultation does not require advance notice or parental consent. You can talk through your concerns with a mental health provider and as a team we will determine the appropriate next steps. By appointment only, using the Calendly links below.

Please note, if you have imminent safety concerns for yourself or a student you know, contact 911. You can also report any concerns, or seek support from any staff member at any time. All staff members are trained to help you access support. All school staff are mandated reporters, disclosures of harm (assault, abuse, suicidal ideation, or threats) cannot be kept confidential and require us to work with you to make the appropriate report. We are here for you and want to help.


Ms. Spratt

Ms. Spratt

School Psychologist





Colorado Crisis Line:   844-493-8255

National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

Safe-2-Tell:  877-542-7233

Blue Bench Sexual Assault Hotline: 303-322-7273